Choosing The Right Birthing Pool

What birth pool is right for you?

If you’re planning a water birth, then you may be in a position to choose a birth pool (if you’re going to a hospital they may provide one for you).  There are lots of different ones on the market today, so how do you know which one is right for you?  I know that I was initially confused by all the different options!  Hopefully, this slide show will explain your major choices and help you make a decision!

  • Bath Tub 1 of 6
    Bath Tub
    You could choose to simply use your own bath tub!

    Pros: You already have it, so no money to spend. Easy to fill.

    Cons: May not be as clean/sterile as it should be for birth. May not be comfortable or large enough.

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  • La Bassine 2 of 6
    La Bassine
    Pros: Among the cheapest of the designated 'birthing pools.' (Retail price: $125) Free of all phlates. Interior handles to use during birth. Large enough for 2 people -- 65"x60" oval.

    Cons: Only one air chamber (height of pool doesn't adjust). Not very deep -- only 22" max. Does not come with liner or lid. Requires a hose or special hook ups to fill.
  • Birth Pool in a Box 3 of 6
    Birth Pool in a Box
  • Birth Pool in a Box Mini 4 of 6
    Birth Pool in a Box Mini
    Pros: Free of phthlates. Comes with a liner. 65"x57" (some say big enough for two). 6 handles to use during birth. 3 rings (adjustable height). Smaller and takes up less space. Fairly deep, 26".

    Cons: Cost around $180. Does not come with lid. May take awhile to fill, 127 gallons. Water may not stay warm. Requires special hook ups and hoses to fill.
  • Aquaborn 5 of 6
    Pros: The deepest birth pool available, 27" interior (30" exterior). 72"x59", big enough for two people. Comes with a lid. Comes with 6 handles.

    Cons: May take awhile to fill -- 170 gallons. Does not come with liner. Requires special hook ups and hoses to fill. Expensive, around $200.
  • Kiddie Pool 6 of 6
    Kiddie Pool
    Pros: Very cheap, around $30. 60" circle, big enough for 2 people. Does not require as much water (84 gallons).

    Cons: Does not come with a liner. Is not very deep (20" max). Thinner plastic/less sturdy. Not completely free of phthlates.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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