Christmas Themed Baby Names – Favs and Not So Hots

Trying to think of a holiday themed name? Here are some Christmas ideas to get you started!

With my birth creeping closer and closer (3-4 weeks now!) I’ve been thinking about our final name. One of the middle names I am considering is ‘Noelle’. I’ve always liked the name, but it seems like a name you might not be able to give to a baby born, say, in the middle of August.

I started thinking about other Christmas and Holiday themed baby names – both by nature of the name itself or perhaps because of the meaning of the name. Some I adore. Some? Not so much.

Boy Christmas Names:

Elf Names – Santa’s Little Helpers

There are several names that have the meaning of elf. For example Alfredo, Ealhdun, and Eldan (or Elden) all mean “Elf” or “Elvish”. None of these are huge favorites of mine but if you’re looking for a name for a mischief boy this holiday season you might consider these.

Related to the Biblical Christmas Story

Many popular boy names are rooted from Scriptural references and the Christmas story is perhaps one of the most well-known stories of all the Bible.

Royalty and Wisdom – Tradition gives us three wise kings who visited Jesus after his birth and legends have named them as Casper or Jasper, Balthazar, and Melchoir.

Players in the Story – Jesus, Emmanuel, Gabriel, Joseph, and Malachi are all names of men or male angels from the Christmas story that have been commonly used as baby boy names. Gabriel was on the short list for two of our babies!

General Winter or Christmas Themed Names for Boys

Peace or the derivative Pearce are nice non-obviously Christmas names for boys. Nicolas or Claus (sometimes spelled Klaus) and the male form of Ivy, Ivo are more holiday themed names that aren’t religious. Forest, Frost, Jack, Yule and Rudolph are other holiday boys names I’ve seen or heard.

Christmas Themed Baby Girl Names

Elf Names – Santa’s Little Helpers – Avery means Christmas elf, as does Alva.

Related to the Christmas Story

The obvious one here is Mary, of course, the mother of Jesus. But from this Christmas story come other names for girls as well. Bethlehem or Beth from the town in which Jesus was born is one. Gabriella is the feminine form of the name of the angel Gabriel. Gloria is what the angels sang to the shepherds and Star makes a lovely reference to the Christmas Star.

General Winter or Christmas Themed Girl Names

There are so many in this category for a girl. Whether you’re thinking of the North Pole and naming a girl Candy, Snow, Bell, Holly, Ivy or Joy. Or you can consider Christmas themes that aren’t necessarily pulled straight from Scripture such as Carol, Noel (or Noelle), Merry, Charity or Eve.

With so many fabulous names to choose from there is certainly a way to give a nod to the season without naming your child Saint Nicolas Smith.

Would you name your child with a seasonal name or holiday themed name? Which of these is your favorite?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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