Clomid: Day 1

What It's Like to Take Clomid

It’s official! We have started our first real IVF cycle, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Well, actually, we could be a little bit happier, but between the side effects of my Clomid and my wife’s ACL surgery yesterday, things are a bit… umm.. less than joyous in our house today.

After the jump, find out how we’re coping with the first days of Clomid while Sara recovers from surgery.

So as luck would have it, I got my period this past weekend while visiting my parents on Martha’s Vineyard. Since my Day-3 Ultrasound would have fallen on Sunday, a day the fertility center is closed, my appointment was scheduled for first thing Monday morning — the same day as Sara’s knee surgery! We were both anxious and really hoping that Sara would be able to go into her surgery with good news from our fertility center. That morning, Sara placed her hands over my lower abdomen, and I could tell she was sending my ovaries lots of love and positivity. Later, she told me she had a talk with my ovaries. Whatever it was, it worked!

My Day-3 Ultrasound was pretty as a picture, and we were given the green light to start our first IVF cycle. We’ve opted to do what is commonly called a “mini IVF cycle” (thanks to a Babble reader for bringing this option to my attention!), so that I receive lesser doses of all hormones and medications, and produce fewer eggs. First on the list of drugs is the infamous Clomid. I’ve heard so many “yikes” stories about this fertility drug — crazy mood swings, horrible stomach side effects, etc. — that I originally thought I’d be scared when the time came to start taking it. But I was so darn happy to be able to actually begin our IVF cycle that fear was the furthest thing from my mind.

My wife and I left the fertility center with ear-to-ear grins that morning, armed with knowing that August has the greatest chance we’ve encountered so far of being our conception month. We haven’t gotten this far during any other month for some reason or another, namely issues with my overactive ovaries. But we left the center yesterday with the good news we were hoping for, and Sara was able to go under the knife with a smile.

After a very stressful day at the surgeon’s, Sara and I returned home, both of us with our prescriptions. Her with the pain medication and me with the Clomid. Of all days. I was told to take it at night before bed, so that I could “sleep through” any of the side effects. Well! Let me tell you that I did not sleep through those hot flashes! In fact, at one point, my face was squished up against Sara’s and I woke to her moving my head away and making some sort of sound like, “Ewwwwwww.” I was covered in sweat. Like, covered. My face and neck felt as though I had been underwater. It was gross.

I woke up this morning with a headache, another side effect of Clomid, but it could have also been a result of waking up every three hours with Sara to re-ice her knee and administer her meds. The irony of the night was not lost on either of us: Here we were, planning to start a family and on our first night of IVF drugs, we were up every few hours taking care of the “Sara baby.”

For most of the day, while Sara was home recovering and I was at work, my appetite was practically nonexistent. This is a big deal for me, because I usually eat like a horse and was disappointed when I was full after only half of my lunch today.

But so far, that’s really been it. While my mood is slightly agitated, it’s too hard to tell if it’s from the Clomid or the lack of sleep from last night. I’m sure I’ll have more to report as the next five days of taking Clomid continue. But for now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and letting Sara continue to talk to my ovaries. They seem to listen to her.


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