Clomid Side Effects Are Way Too Similar to Early Pregnancy Symptoms

When it comes to waiting to find out if you’re pregnant, your body doesn’t make it too easy to figure out as early as you’d like to.

Most early pregnancy symptoms are pretty generic — in that they can really be caused by multiple things — sickness, PMS, or the result of taking Clomid.

I’ve been on this fertility medication for 6 cycles now and the side effects have been different than I had anticipated. I am not sure what your experiences are, but for me — the side effects seem to last all month. I’ve heard that it can happen this way, but other people only find they’re plagued with the side effects until they ovulate.

When I am sitting in the two week wait, not-so-patiently waiting to find out if this month finally worked for us, the fertility treatments don’t make it easy on me when I try to figure out, much to my demise, if it’s all because sperm finally met egg and implanted.

Common early pregnancy symptoms include dizziness, nausea, tender breasts, low cramps, and fatigue and they’re also very similar to signs your period is on the way. And, for me — when I experience all those symptoms, often times it can be attributed to Clomid use.

Because things aren’t confusing enough, right?

So, while I will still continue to wonder if this pang or that nausea wave is finally a sign I am pregnant, I can’t count on it until I see those two pink lines.

:: Did Clomid give you side effects that are similar to pregnancy symtoms? ::

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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