Coffee Doesn't Wake You Up

"coffee"You may have been told to give up coffee because of questions about caffeine and pregnancy. Or maybe you first realized you were pregnant when the smell of brewing coffee started turning your stomach rather than churning your cravings.

If you’re finding yourself missing your morning cup  (or that iced latte to fend off 3pm drag-butt) take solace in this piece of news: A new study suggests that all a cup of coffee does is bring you back to the state of alertness you would have been in if you didn’t drink coffee at all.

This makes sense if you think about how addiction works. But it might make a little less sense when you’re in the throes of a caffeine craving. (Before the coffee, everything makes a little less sense.) Coffee addicts will swear that they feel a jolt when the caffeine hits the system.  The theory here is that the jolt is taking them not from 0 to 60, but from -60 to 0.

While this might take the edge off your caffeine denial, it’s not to suggest you should necessarily be giving up coffee entirely. There are differing opinions on that subject. While large amounts of caffeine have been associated with pregnancy risks (including a higher risk of miscarriage) studies on the effects of smaller amounts have been less conclusive. Lots of women keep drinking small or moderate amounts of caffeine throughout pregnancy without problems. So don’t feel obligated to give up your cup just because it turns out it’s not actually doing you any good.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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