Coffee, I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

Coffee_CaptionI like to think I’m a relatively healthy pregnant lady. I do the stuff we should all be doing to stay healthy, such as limiting junk food, drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods, and getting on my treadmill to walk/waddle several times per week. I’m also careful about pregnancy no-nos so my unborn baby will be healthy: I avoid under-cooked meat, I don’t eat raw fish, I skip my glass of wine with dinner, and I’m obviously not going downhill skiing this winter.

But no matter how healthy I try to be with this pregnancy, there is one habit I just cannot break: I can’t seem to give up my morning cup of coffee.

When pregnant with my daughter over five years ago I was fastidious about all the health rules of pregnancy, as I think many first-time moms usually are. Might that brie be unpasteurized? Pass! Do I want a sip of your beer? No thank you! Caffeine? No way!!!

I look back on it now and I can hardly believe I did it. I gave up coffee for 8 whole months. How did I do it? Now, years later and pregnant with Baby #3, that hot, creamy cup of coffee is like a shining beacon, calling to me from my bed after my two kids pig pile in at 6:10am. When not pregnant I usually drink two cups…one right when I get up and another an hour later. So I’ve been feeling pretty good about reducing my intake to just one small cup.

When I asked about coffee at 7 weeks my OB assured me that one small serving of caffeine each day would not be a problem. Woot! That was all I needed to hear. But the past few weeks I’ve started to feel a bit guilty. Poor Baby #3. Doesn’t he deserve the same maternal dedication that his siblings received?

The fact is, when I was pregnant with my daughter I wasn’t taking care of two other kids. Five years ago, when I went to bed, I went to bed and didn’t get up again. There were no calls for a cup of water or pee accidents at 4am. I wasn’t on my feet all day chasing a preschooler and a toddler and fighting to keep my eyes open during bedtime stories. So maybe it’s okay that I allow myself that one cup in the morning. I think it actually makes me a better mom!

As a compromise, this week I might try to switch to a cup of half-caff. Ugh.

Did you give up coffee when pregnant?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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