Coming Home, Again

Friday night Jarod stayed at the hospital with Elvie so I could snuggle with Zinashi and get a few errands done Saturday morning. We were on our way to the post office in the early afternoon when I got the message from Jarod: hospital discharge was imminent. We skipped the post office and went straight to the hospital to wait for everything to be done so that Elvie could come home. Again.

This hospital stay was easier in some ways; we were less jet lagged, for one. I was also a lot less worried about Elvie, and there was only one thing going on that needed to be treated rather than several. We just had to hang in there and wait for the bacteria causing her infection to be identified so that treatment could be planned. We crossed our fingers that it would be something treatable by oral medication as opposed to IV. And then it was. This time, we came home on the fifth day instead of the eighteenth. That’s way better.

There was also the benefit of already knowing so many people at the hospital and having established a hospital routine of sorts last time. It wasn’t a picnic, but we did all right, and there were even some sweet moments. I captured some of them, and I’d like to share them here with you.


  • When Elvie Got Her Smile Back 1 of 10
    When Elvie Got Her Smile Back
    It was hard to see our baby so sick that she wasn't her usual smiley self. After one night of IV antibiotics, she was back to her old self, grinning away.
  • Asleep On My Lap 2 of 10
    Asleep On My Lap
    At home, I can't let her take every nap, or even most naps, on my lap, but at the hospital I could. I took full advantage of the situation and let her snuggle to sleep on my lap as often as possible.
  • Trying to Eat a Balloon 3 of 10
    Trying to Eat a Balloon
    She was so frustrated that she couldn't get this balloon into her mouth that after awhile she actually cried about it. I tried to feel sorry for her, but it was pretty hilarious at the same time.
  • This Big Sister Has Excellent Bedside Manner 4 of 10
    This Big Sister Has Excellent Bedside Manner
    Zinashi is such a kind and attentive big sister. She is even sweeter to Elvie at the hospital, doting on her and trying to get her to smile.
  • Nurse Zinashi 5 of 10
    Nurse Zinashi
    The benefit of the second hospital stay is that we knew that Zinashi could dress up in hospital garb, and we knew people well enough that she was offered stethoscope to try out more than once.
  • Zinashi and Her New Patient 6 of 10
    Zinashi and Her New Patient
    I was nervous about having Zinashi with me on my own for a few hours Friday morning, but I needn't have worried. The Child Life Specialist came by with a doll dressed in a hospital gown and a bag full of medical supplies to use on it. Zinashi was thrilled.
  • “Let Me Help You Get That Off” 7 of 10
    "Let Me Help You Get That Off"
    This one is my favorite, even though it's a bit blurry. These girls have such fun together already.
  • A Little Foot Snuggle 8 of 10
    A Little Foot Snuggle
    Because of Elvie's birth defect, her right leg is pushed out of position a bit, making her right foot very accessible to her hands. Our nurse caught her snuggling with it one day, and I took a photo because it's pretty much one of the most adorable things ever.
  • One Last Snuggly Nap Before Discharge 9 of 10
    One Last Snuggly Nap Before Discharge
    I knew that once we got home, I'd have to kick it into high gear to catch up on laundry and other basics tasks. I took the opportunity of a few more moments at the hospital to let Elvie sleep snuggled up against me, without interruption, one more time.
  • A Dance to Celebrate Elvie’s Homecoming 10 of 10
    A Dance to Celebrate Elvie's Homecoming
    Zinashi insisted on wearing something fancy to celebrate the special day, and partway through she informed me that her sandals (which she is, of course, wearing with socks) were special dancing shoes, and that she would dance to let people know how happy she was that Elvie was coming home. I was happy, too, but I let Zinashi do all the dancing.


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