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    Worry-Free Pregnancy Pregnancy can be scary, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s not every day that you grow an entire human being in your belly. But you shouldn’t let your fears dominate the next 40 weeks. Most things that keep us up at night are perfectly normal. Here are 14 things not to panic about during pregnancy.

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    1: Gaining weight

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Gaining weight Once baby takes up residence in your belly, it’s your job to make sure he’s given all the proper nutrition he needs, so there’s no sense in obsessing about your size. As long as you’re eating healthily and keeping the deliciously naughty stuff to a minimum, your pre-pregnancy body will bounce back. Most women lose more than 10 pounds during childbirth (that includes the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid). And, as your postpartum body rids itself of retained fluids, you’ll lose even more!

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    2: Growing facial hair

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Growing facial hair Yes, pregnancy hormones do make your hair grow — on your head, your body … and your face. But you’re not going to look like Tom Selleck circa 1985. Just keep a trusty pair of tweezers handy so you can pluck those unwanted hairs as they appear. And on those days you feel like Cousin Itt, remember: every pregnant woman goes through this, and it’s temporary. Facial hair disappears entirely within 3-6 months postpartum.

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    3: Getting stretch marks

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Getting stretch marks You love zebra print shoes but not zebra print skin, right? About half of all pregnant women get stretch marks during pregnancy, and though there are a zillion creams and lotions that promise to make your skin as clear as a baby’s behind, research suggests genetics may be to blame (which means there’s not much you can do). The good news: stretch marks begin fading 6 -12 months after childbirth. So, embrace those stripes mama, we all have them.

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    4: Farting at all times

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Farting at all times Raging flatulence comes calling like a most unwelcome houseguest during pregnancy and stays there pretty much until baby is born. The first time you become an accidental tooter, you’ll pretty much die of embarrassment and then blame your unborn child (we all do). But don’t feel too bad, Tootie McTootster — the average, non-pregnant person releases gas about 14 to 23 times a day! Don’t you feel better just knowing everyone else is doing it? If not, there are certain foods you can avoid to minimize the amount of gas you pass: beans, whole grains, and vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and asparagus.

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    5: Peeing your pants

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Peeing your pants Since the time your baby was the size of a cornflake you’ve had to pee every 20 minutes like clockwork. What’s worse, the bigger and more active your baby becomes, the more often you’ll have to pee. What’s worser than worse, the bigger your belly becomes, the slower you’ll waddle to the toilet. The good news is that you pretty much have the go ahead to cut in front of the line in the ladies room whenever you feel like it. Take heart, the constant peeing won’t last forever, and about a week after childbirth you’ll be back to peeing on your pre-pregnancy schedule.

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    6: Puking in public

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Puking in public The term “morning sickness” is a total sham, let’s call it what it really is — all day sickness. Be sure to arm yourself with sickness bags and a toothbrush because an ounce of nausea preparation is worth a pound of embarrassment. Fingers crossed that you never have to puke in public, but if you do, simply curtsey and shout out, “Morning sickness!” People will understand (and heck, maybe even applaud). Hold your head up high (and your hair back); this too shall pass — by 12-14 weeks gestation nausea and vomiting are usually a distant memory.

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    7: Having sex

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Having sex Ah sex, the thing that got you here in the first place. There’s nothing like a perfectly round pregnant belly to get in the way of, ahem, things. Unless you’ve been told to stop getting busy by your medical professional, you can relax and continue having sex without fear of harming your baby. She is protected by your uterus, a whole bunch of amniotic fluid and that trusty mucous plug that seals up your cervix nice and tight.

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    8: Becoming your mother

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Becoming your mother For some of you, becoming your mother would be a blessing, for others…not so much. Only time and experience will determine the kind of mother you’ll become so there’s no sense freaking out about it. You’ll have plenty of time to hone your skills and become the very best mother for your child. Besides, no mother turns out to be the kind of mother she set out to be — she’s better! Your child’s unique spirit and individual needs have a miraculous way of transforming you into your child’s perfect mommy match — it’s true, I saw it on TV.

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    9: Harming your baby

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Harming your baby If it seems like just about everything is a potential threat to your unborn baby, it’s probably because it is — at least according to your mother-in-law. Do your due diligence and read those parenting books, get freaked out and then take a giant step back; this is where common sense comes in. Fearing everything in pregnancy isn’t healthy for you or your baby, so use your good senses — unless you’re a professional stunt double, addressing any concerns with your doctor will be sufficient.

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    10: Ruining your lady parts

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Ruining your lady parts Every childbirth is different, so if you survey your mom friends about their postpartum lady parts you’re bound to get a whole bunch of TMI (not to mention the inability to ever look them in the eye again). A very wise mother once warned, “Don’t take a look-see down below after childbirth; leave that to the professionals.” Mama, put down the handheld mirror and give your lady parts a little privacy and time. Vaginal childbirth is the most common and safest form of childbirth and all should be healed within 6 weeks after delivery.

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    11: Pooping on the delivery table

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Pooping on the delivery table Here’s the thing, childbirth is a little like driving a minivan through a manhole — with all that pushing, you might just poop. But while it may be hard to believe, no one cares about your poop nearly as much as you do. Your healthcare professional is actually happy when you poop on the delivery table. A bowel movement usually means your vaginal delivery is progressing in the most delightful way and that your risk of needing a Cesarean section is greatly reduced! Well S@#T, that’s some good news indeed!

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    12: Postpartum depression

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Postpartum depression While fearing Postpartum Depression won’t prevent from happening, educating yourself on the signs and symptoms may provide you with a better understanding of the condition. Early onset Postpartum Depression affects as many as 80% of women and is resolved without treatment within a few weeks postpartum. Late onset Postpartum Depression is diagnosed several weeks after delivery and affects approximately 10-16% of women. If you think you’re experiencing Postpartum Depression, give yourself the gift of honesty and seek out support without delay. Unlike some other medical conditions, this one is treatable.

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    13: Having an unhealthy baby

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Having an unhealthy baby Perhaps the mother of all pregnancy fears, we’ve all faced this one. Not to get all new-agey or anything, but there are limits to what an expectant mother can control. If you’re eating well, taking care of yourself and receiving proper prenatal care, then your work is done. There’s nothing like pregnancy to remind you that your body is an amazing machine capable of producing a miracle. More than 96% of babies are born without major birth defects in the U.S. Surround yourself with all that is positive and have faith that the best is yet to come — because it is.

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    14: Flunking childbirth

    Worry-Free Pregnancy: Flunking childbirth Since the dawn of the ages, women have been having babies. If they could do it, so can you. And when you do, you’ll feel a sense of empowerment you never even knew existed. But you hate needles, you’re afraid of blood and you’re scared childbirth is going to hurt, right? Right, but just remember: Your body was designed to do this (no joke). Relax and learn to trust your body; she won’t let you down. You can’t flunk childbirth; your healthcare professional won’t let you.

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