Coolest Winter Names for Baby

Parents get baby name ideas from all sorts of places — favorite TV shows, symbolic colors, recent holidays, old census reports, etc.

But what about the season?

If you’re expecting a baby in the next couple of months, there are some really lovely winter baby name ideas — whether as a first or middle name.

Nameberry rounded up 11 cold-weather baby name ideas, and here are my favorites of the bunch:



  • Demeter (Demi) 1 of 8
    Demeter (Demi)
    Demeter was the Greek goddess responsible for winter. (And the nickname "Demi" might make the name that much more desirable.)
  • Jack 2 of 8
    Jack in Jack Frost!
  • January 3 of 8
    Most famously associated with Mad Men actress January Jones, this is one of the new popular month names (following already-established April, May, June, and August.)
  • March 4 of 8
    And another month name! This one reminds me of the March sisters, although it's one of the few month names that's suitable for a boy.
  • Neve 5 of 8
    Neve comes from the Latin word for snow.
  • Winter (Winnie) 6 of 8
    Winter (Winnie)
    Seasonal names are nothing new — with Summer and Autumn firmly planted in the baby-name world. In fact, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden used "Winter" as their first daughter's middle name. And if you want to use it as a first name, it has the cute "Winnie" nickname.
  • North 7 of 8
    Directional names got popular in 2012 (i.e. West, Easton, etc.), so why not North? Would you use it?
  • Lumi 8 of 8
    A Nameberry reader suggest the unusual "Lumi," considering it's the Finnish word for snow.


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