Could I Be Having a Girl?

Remember when I said I was absolutely convinced that my ultrasound next Tuesday was going to prove that I am indeed having a boy?

Well, now my resolve has been ever-so-slightly shaken.  Have you ever seen the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart?  Well, I’m not a believer in old-wives tales, but this chart is surprisingly uncanny in it’s accuracy.

Read more about it after the jump!

My friend Dana who is pregnant and due just four days before me tested out this chart with numerous people in her family and I tried it out for my mom’s pregnancies with my brother and I as well as multiple co-workers and it was right on almost every time.

The chart says that based on the month of conception and my age at the time of conception this baby I’m growing should be a girl.  What??  I’m still leaning towards boy, but I guess I’ll find out next Tuesday!

I’d love to know:  Did you ever tried out the chart during your pregnancy and if so, was it accurate for you?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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