Moms Show Off Their Bumps for Campaign To Raise Awareness for Stillbirth

In the United States stillbirth is said to occur in about 1 in every 160 pregnancies – in the United Kingdom approximately 11 babies are born silent each day. Thanks to organizations like Count The Kicks who work with great passion to  increase knowledge and confidence about stillbirth — more women are becoming aware of stillbirth risk factors and signs to look out for.

Count The Kicks recently launched a fundraising campaign for their organization. A beautiful calendar featuring 12 pregnant woman has been developed and has already sold over a thousand copies. After seeing the images featured in the calendar it’s easy to see why this campaign will be a success.

Take a look for yourself – click through to view the beautiful bumps helping to raise awareness in this important new campaign:

  • Front Cover 1 of 16
    Front Cover
    Celebrating Beautiful "Bumps" in aid of Count The Kicks
    Empowering mums-to-be with knowledge and confidence.
  • January 2 of 16
    Model Mei-Yun bares her beautiful bump adorned with circular painting of a Chinese dragon.
  • February 3 of 16
    Model Joanna Stage poses with rose petals in the shape of a heart - just for Valentine's Day.
  • March 4 of 16
    Model Janet Shields has her bump lovingly hugged by a child to show the love of the new life they are about to meet.
  • April 5 of 16
    Model Deborah Cunnane has her bump painted perfectly for Easter.
  • May 6 of 16
    Model Kelly Bennet poses in this striking picture with butterflies all over her growing belly.
  • June 7 of 16
    Model Isabel Turkington celebrates the summer with a soccer ball baring her gorgeous bump.
  • July 8 of 16
    Model Sarah Wilkinson is all decked out and ready to celebrate the Olympics with her bump (soccer ball) in hand.
  • August 9 of 16
    Model Charlotte Dennison shows the true beauty of combining summer, pregnancy and ice cream.
  • September 10 of 16
    Model Stephanie Boyd embraces the season change in this beautiful Fall-inspired photograph.
  • October 11 of 16
    Model Kirsten Gilett has her bump all ready for the Halloween season with a pumpkin painting.
  • November 12 of 16
    Model Alysha New shows off her beautiful bump with black background and a stunning scarf.
  • December 13 of 16
    Model and Founder of Count the Kicks, Sophia Mason Wyatt bares her beautiful bump adorned with a tiny Santa hat for her babe.
  • Back Cover (Part 1) 14 of 16
    Back Cover (Part 1)
    This image is one part of the large image on the back cover. Each model is pregnant showing their support for Count The Kicks.
  • Back Cover (Part 2) 15 of 16
    Back Cover (Part 2)
    The second part of the back cover, these three models pose with their bare bellies standing in front of a perfect brick background.
  • Back Cover (Part 3) 16 of 16
    Back Cover (Part 3)
    The last part of the back cover (which is actually all one fluid image) has the remaining 5 models finishing off "Count The Kicks".

For more information on Count The Kicks and where to help with their fundraising effort — visit Count The

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All images used with permission from Count The Kicks

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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