My Dwindling Due Date Countdown

The countdown to Baby Hartmann’s arrival has officially kicked into high gear.

I’ve had a countdown going for the past 200(ish) days and while it’s fun seeing the numbers get smaller, it wasn’t until this weekend that I had that “Whoa!” moment where I realized that there really aren’t that many days left to countdown.

I’m down to one month left and officially nine-months/36 weeks pregnant this Wednesday.  *Gulp*.

Am I ready for this?

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The short answer is:  Yes.  I am ready.

The long answer is: Are you ever really ready to be a parent?

I am ready emotionally.  I’ve read my birthing books, bought all the baby supplies (mostly) and I’m not afraid of the challenges that I know surely lie ahead.  But, is the nursery finished?  Not even close.  Have I taken my birthing class?  Nope (they didn’t have any spots open until the weekend before my due date).  Is my bag packed and is the car seat installed?  No.  Am I ready to be more tired than I’ve ever been in my entire life?  Nope.

BUT, am I excited to be a parent?  The answer is most definitely a yes.  Sure I’m feeling some trepidation about it.  There are lots of ways a parent could possibly screw up their child and I am not naive to them, but I know that my husband and I are going to learn as we go and figure it out along the way.

How much longer do you have until your due date?

Are you feeling ready, or are you starting to panic?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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