Couple Announces Pregnancy in Horrific Way

brandonpittspregnancyI’ve always tried to be creative when announcing my pregnancies. I simply posted an ultrasound photo on Facebook with my first, but that is because it was so unexpected and we were so anxious to tell the world that just announcing it to everyone was enough excitement for me. When I was pregnant with Avery, we made a video that most people thought was a look back at my oldest daughter’s second year, but we had a surprise for them at the end. And with this pregnancy, we had fun with the girls and chalkboards for our announcement.

I love each and every way that we have announced new additions to our family because they all mean something special to us and are the perfect example of where we were at in our lives at the time. They might not be the most outrageous way to announce, but I still enjoy looking back at them.

I do, however, enjoy finding ways that other couples announce their pregnancy. Whether it’s a simple ultrasound on a social media platform or an elaborate plan that surprises everyone, it’s so much fun to see just how creative people can get.

Elaborate is just the way that Brandon Pitts went when he announced that he and his wife were expecting. Having a baby can be scary–and he took that theme and made his own horror film to share the news.

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Although I don’t know this family, this video makes me excited for their family. It’s obvious he and his wife spent time and planned this out. It’s just a unique and memorable way to announce your expecting.

How did you announce your pregnancy?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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