Couple Leave Baby Name Up To Facebook Poll

Would you let hundreds of strangers name your baby?

Naming a human being is hard. I mean, they’re pretty much stuck with the handle FOREVER.

That’s a lot of pressure, right? Don’t screw it up!

So can leaving the name of your child to the whims of your Facebook friends really a good idea?

One Illinois couple thinks it’s the perfect solution to their disagreement over what to name their daughter.

As reported on the Huffington Post, Lindsey Meske, 24, wanted to name their second daughter McKenna or Addilyne. Husband Dave Meske, 27, wanted Madelyn or Emily.  When they absolutely couldn’t agree on a name they decided to post a Facebook poll with the names online so family and friends could vote.  But Lindsay has more friends than Dave so, to be more fair they opened up the poll to everyone at

“My parents think I’m kind of crazy,” Dave told the Chicago Tribune of the Facebook poll. “It’s all in good fun. It’s not like I’m letting Facebook come up with names.”

The Meskes, according to the Northwest Herald, suspect they are the first couple to ever leave their child’s name up to a Facebook poll. And no matter what the result, they say they remain dedicated to sticking with what the voting public decrees.

As of Saturday more than 1,000 people have voted at  McKenna is in the top spot with 403 votes.  Madelyn is next with 388 votes.  Addilyne has 210 votes and Emily is in a distant 4th place.

Voting is expected to continue until the baby is born.

What do you think?  If you were at an impasse with your spouse over a baby name, could you let the internet decide?  I don’t think I could.  What if my opinion changed by the time the baby was born but then I already agreed to let the internet decide.  However, it is a cool story to know that thousands of strangers around the world named you.  And like Dave says, it’s not like the internet is coming up with the name.  It’s guaranteed to be a name they’re sure they like.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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