Craving Coldcuts: Breaking the Pregnancy Fast

Turkey breast submarine sandwich with cheese, tomatoes and cucumLike many pregnant women, I’ve been having specific food cravings. My husband doesn’t even flinch now when he comes home to find the fridge full of strawberries or the freezer full of froyo. He just knows I was at the store, got hit with a craving and went with it!

However, today I had a craving that is currently impossible to satisfy. I was at a friend’s house hanging out and her husband came in to the kitchen and got out bags of cold cuts from the fridge. He then proceeded to make a turkey, ham, and cheese sandwich in front of me, all the while chatting about weekend plans and our kids. But I’m not going to lie…the whole time we were talking I imagined myself knocking him down with my giant belly, stealing his sandwich, and waddling away before he knew what hit him.

I am seriously craving a turkey sub with cheese and lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo and  pickle on the side. Mmmmmmmm. But it will have to wait until my pregnancy cold cut fast is over.

I made the request for a turkey sub after both of my other deliveries, so this isn’t a new craving for me. My daughter was born in the evening and by the time they cleaned her up and we were settled in my postpartum room my husband went out into the night and couldn’t find a single open sandwich shop. I was crushed. Twenty two months later when my son was on the way my husband actually excused himself from the L&D room during early labor and sprinted to a deli, bought me a sandwich, and then begged the nursing staff to store it in their fridge for me to eat after delivery. Yes, that’s how much I love turkey sandwiches.

What was your first post-pregnancy meal?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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