Craziest Thing I Saw This Week: Bling Pacifier

Ah, the binky. When you’re the sleep deprived parents of a 6 week old and the binky magically makes the crying stop, you believe the binky is the greatest invention in the history of ever.  When you’re the mother of a 4 year old getting the stink-eye from the pediatric dentist over the shape of your binky-addicted kid’s palate, you think the binky is an evil demon that has taken possession of your child’s mouth, never to relinquish its nefarious hold.

Speaking from personal experience? Me? ::Ahem:: Perhaps.

In all my history as a binky-enabler mom, never have I seen anything quite like this.

It’s so…glam. Like what RuPaul would use if she needed a binky. A Liberace binky. A Lady Gaga binky.

A totally useless binky.

The Bling Pacifier from the Baby Bling Things Boutique comes with the following disclaimer:

*Baby Bling Things Boutique pacifiers are novelty items for decor only and not intended for actual use. Crystals and other decoration products may detach and pose a choking risk or may be hazardous if swallowed. Customer agrees that use of the service is entirely at customers own risk.*

So it looks like a binky, but really it’s a choking hazard. Awesome. And they can be yours for upwards of $40!

I guess if you want to use it to soothe a baby, you need to buy a dozen of them and create a mobile to hang over their crib.

What’s the craziest pregnancy or baby product you’ve seen this week?

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Photo Credit: Baby Bling Thing Boutique

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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