Crazy Coincidence: Identical Triplets Give Birth To Boys Within Days Of Each Other

What are the odds?  Not very high, I’m sure.  But it happened.  One set of identical triplets each gave birth around the same time, with two of them just four hours apart.

The married 26-year-olds, Natalie, Lindsey and Deborah, even ended up in rooms 21, 22 and 23 at the same Sydney hospital.

So the big question is, were the pregnancies planned?  Were the births induced?

As the Daily Mail reports, the triplets all wanted to get pregnant but it just so happened that they all discovered they were expecting within ten days of each other.

Lindsey Crowell, says  “As soon as Natalie and I discovered we were expecting boys, we knew Deborah would definitely be having one too.”

The triplets’ parents aren’t surprised their daughters got pregnant at the same time.  Dad says the women do this kind of stuff all the time.  “At Christmas time they would buy us Christmas cards, exactly the same, and they would never have even discussed which one they were going to buy, it would just be the same one.”

Lindsey’s husband, Nathan, can’t get over the fact that all three girls had boys at the same time.

Me neither.  I can’t find anything that says whether the girls were induced or went naturally.  But because it isn’t mentioned I’m assuming it was natural, considering they got pregnant within ten days of each other and one of the women had her baby two weeks after the other two.

Either way, I’m sure the boy cousins will be extremely close.  Their moms all live within fifteen minutes of each other and talk on the phone at least “three times a day”.

Makes me wish I had a sister.

You can check out pictures of the triplets with their babies here on the Daily Mail.

Image: Flickr.com/Foshydog

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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