13 Crazy Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy: a magical time full of anticipation, excitement, and… a few less-than-lovely surprises you probably didn’t see coming. Here, 13 moms dish on the wacky, weird and gross moments that made their pregnancies, er, special. Let the over sharing begin!


Insanely Vivid Dreams 1 of 13
"I have insanely vivid dreams when I'm pregnant. I can see, taste, smell and feel everything. There are dramatic fights with friends, plane crashes, visits with the president. And, um, many of them skew racy. I often wake up thinking, OMG did I really cheat on my husband with Ryan Gosling or was that a dream? Needless to say, this is one symptom I will miss when the baby is born."

Erin Zammett Ruddy, mom of three (almost!) and blogger at, Long Island, New York
Sudden Lactose Intolerance 2 of 13
"During the first trimester of my second pregnancy, I suddenly became lactose intolerant. Even a small glass of milk sent me running for the bathroom. Throw in morning sickness, and I was literally kneeling in front of the toilet vomiting, with my pants around my ankles, because I had also needed to, you know... Thankfully, the lactose intolerance and morning sickness both passed at around 14 weeks!"

Becca Woodward Tabbutt, mom of two, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
A Separated Pelvis 3 of 13
"My pelvis separated early on when I was pregnant with my son, and also in my current. Everything from walking to rolling over in bed feels next to impossible because of the excruciating pain. I just have to wait it out… but it'll be worth it!"

Valerya Rose Baker, mom of four (almost!), Tijeras, New Mexico
Leaning Left 4 of 13
"Super weird: I have two uteruses. Yep. So every OB appointment included medical students oohing and ahhing at the unlikely phenomenon that is my reproductive system. My belly sometimes leaned way off to one side because both of my kids grew in my left uterus. Picture a pregnancy bump on just half of your abdomen. That was me for nine months, twice."

Sarah Horaczek, mom of two, Albany, New York
Bloody Gums 5 of 13
"I had sore, bleeding gums; my sink looked like a crime scene whenever I brushed my teeth! I went to dentist and he told me it was a normal part of pregnancy. Who knew?"

Sasha Emmons, mom of two, Toronto, Ontario
Perpetual Déjà Vu 6 of 13
"I was very amorous with the first pregnancy and psychic during the second. I always seemed to know what my husband was going to say before he said it—even random comments blurted out without context—and I lived in a near-constant state of déjà vu. It started to get a little weird, but, once baby was born, everything went back to brain fog—I mean normalcy."

Brooke Michie, mom of two, Austin, Texas
Bladder Issues 7 of 13
"I was at the mall trying on maternity clothes and I sneezed and peed on myself… and on the clothes! You pee on it, you buy it?"

Alison Dempsey, mom-to-be, Jersey City, New Jersey
Lactating 8 of 13
"I've been lactating a little bit for several weeks now, [but] it really hasn't been enough for me to even notice until I take my bra off at the end of the day... except for last weekend. I took a nap in the middle of the day and must have fallen asleep in a weird position that caused my boob to get squished because when I woke half an hour later, [my entire left side] was covered in sticky milk/colostrum!"

Maria Olsen-Hoek, mom-to-be, Northampton, Massachusetts
Un-Goddessness 9 of 13
"I expected pregnancy to be this time where I'd be glowing and goddess-like. Instead, I've never had so many pimples in my life, I have stretch marks on my breasts and butt, and I do not feel anything like a goddess! That said, I've also never been this excited for anything in my life; I can't wait to meet my daughter!"

Rhiannon Clark, mom-to-be, San Diego, California
Uncontrollable Swelling 10 of 13
"I had edema almost immediately during my first pregnancy, but it paled in comparison to my second. The swelling was so out of control, I was unable to bend my knees toward the end. My OB finally put me on bed rest for the last two weeks of my pregnancy because getting to and from work, and sitting at a desk all day, was not going to happen. The swelling got even worse after my C-section, thanks to IV fluids and blood transfusions, but I'm happy to say the sumo suit [eventually] melted away. I'm talking 25 pounds of fluid!"

Sarah Preston Gorenstein, mom of two, Chicago, Illinois
I Can Smell 11 of 13
"I mysteriously lost my sense of smell about 10 years before my first pregnancy. It came back, full-force, with pregnancy, but once my son was born, my sense of smell vanished again. It wouldn't return again until I underwent sinus surgery when he was 18 months old. I lost my sense of smell again after my daughter was born nearly five years ago. I guess at this point I've accepted that—save for pregnancy—smell, for me, is not meant to be!"

Jennifer Linney, Mom of two and blogger at Bug and the Sweet Banana, Fort Worth, Texas
Mega Breasts 12 of 13
"I expected my breasts to grow during pregnancy, but not to triple in size! And I definitely didn't expect to stay that way. After being small-breasted for my entire life, I am still filling out a C-cup bra, and my daughter is now two! I think I'm as fascinated and entertained by my new bust as my husband is… well, almost."

Sandra Davis, mom of one, Missoula, Montana
A Very Bad Back 13 of 13
"I had such bad that I threw my back out while throwing up into the toilet—and spent half the day laying on the bathroom floor because I could barely move. Good times!"

Laura Lambert, mom of two, Los Angeles, California
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