Create A One-of-a-Kind Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is a very unique experience, one that most of us only experience a couple times.  Such a special time deserves to be documented in a special way. While there are many pregnancy journals available for purchase, why not create one that is as one-of-a-kind as  your pregnancy?

I found this fabulous how-to article that details making a guest book for a wedding; it could just as easily be used to make a pregnancy journal. 

Even better,  you don’t need to be super crafty or have a ton of tools and equipment at  your disposal to make it…you probably already most of the necessary items already on hand:  an old book, some scrap paper, decorative (or wrapping) paper, an Exacto-knife, three binder rings, some ribbon, and a drill.

Believe it or not, these items can come together to create a gorgeous journal…one you can personalize perfectly to suite your own style.

Once you have created your own journal, the question becomes what to do with it….specifically,what to include in the journal and how to organize all of it.  Some tips and suggestions:

  • Divide the book into three sections, one for each trimester.  Glue a calender on the front page of each section where you note important and fun details such as:  prenatal appointments, milestones like first feeling the baby kicking or when your morning sickness subsided, your baby shower date…and of course in the last trimester section, your DUE DATE!
  • Don’t feel you need to sub-divide the other pages into weeks/days.  Allow yourself the freedom to write in it when you feel motivated to do so…otherwise it risks becoming a chore, and that’s not fun for anyone.  Plus, that in itself can be detailing your pregnancy, “Haven’t written for the past week because I have been going to bed at 6:30.”
  • Include photographs and ultrasound pictures; glue them (or use photo corners for a retro touch) in every few pages for a pop of visual interest.  Keep in mind these photos don’t need to be just of your growing belly; consider including photos of the in-progress nursery and dad-to-be as well.
  • Attach an envelope to a page; slip into it bits of paper with well wishes and thoughts from loved one such as grandparents and older siblings, “Dear Baby, I can’t wait until you are big enough to run through the sprinkler with me.  Love, your big sister.”
  • Write notes to your baby as well…they will love having you read them to them as they grow older; and as adults they will be forever treasured.
  • Have baby shower guests write in it words of encouragement, wisdom, advice or prayers.
  • Record your pregnancy dreams or hopes as you have them!

Remember, this entire journal will be forever treasured!

Have any thoughts or tips to share?  We’d love to hear them!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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