5 Creative Ways to Remember Your Pregnancy

Looking for a creative way to remember your pregnancy? While some women may cringe at the thought, the 40 weeks that you are carrying your child are short in the grand scheme of things.

After your baby arrives and you are done with your childbearing years, having a way to recollect the moments of your child’s development can be sweet and sentimental for both you and your offspring.

Here are 5 Creative Way to Remember Your Pregnancy:

1. Blog About It!

The highs and the lows of pregnancy are chronicled loosely in my blog, digitalmomblog.com. I started blogging pregnancy with my 3rd and now with my 4th pregnancy, I find myself returning to the old posts to see, “Is this normal?” or “When did this happen in my last pregnancy?”. There are some details that I would love to share personally but not publicly, for those – you can mark your blog entries as private. (There are some things everyone doesn’t need or want to know!)

2. Photos

Belly photos chronicling a pregnancy seem to be all the rage. Whether you are shooting a quick snap shot in the mirror or have a complete maternity photo session – each will help capture the memory of your pregnancy.

3. Video Time-lapses

Check out this video of a woman’s pregnancy. Her husband took a photo every other day of her growing baby belly. Talk about creative!

4. Pregnancy Journal

With our first child I kept a pregnancy journal. I chronicled the first kick, when and where as well as sleepless nights as well as the doctor’s reports of growth. 2nd child, not so much. 3rd child is when I started blogging. While I love the idea, I just couldn’t stick with it! But if you journal and haven’t quite made the digital leap – this maybe a great way for your to remember your pregnancy.

5. Pregnancy Belly Casts

Remembering your baby’s home the first 40 weeks of life can be remember creatively with a pregnancy belly cast. Belly casting involves plaster, paper and patience! The outcome is a mold of your belly that you can decorate and hang.

While there are many studios that can help you in creating these, for around $20 you can create your own with a do it yourself Belly Cast kit.

Documenting your pregnancy will also serve handy for future generations. I would of loved to of known my mother’s experience pregnant and would definitely of helped put ease to mind of some of the “there is no way this is normal” experiences that pregnancy brings!

Will You Document Your Pregnancy? If So, How?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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