Current Cravings and How I (Try to) Conquer Them

That's me making a good move: Frozen yogurt with fruit, when what I really want are Fruity Pebbles.

Despite morning sickness being over for the most part, my appetite seems to change week by week. At 27 weeks pregnant, I’m starving when I wake up in the morning. And most of the time, I don’t even feel like eating dinner and would rather skip to a big bowl of … dessert.

But a few things remain constant –and oddly enough, they’re all things I liked pre-pregnancy, too. (Pickles, for the ultimate example. I’ve liked them as long as I can remember. Now I just want them more.)

I tend to love salty and savory treats, as well as sodas. After the jump, see how I’m trying to battle my cravings with healthier options this week—better for me, better for baby.

Please share your ideas, too!

  • The temptation: Salt & Vinegar Chips 1 of 10
    The temptation: Salt & Vinegar Chips
    These are my favorite, most-coated, and most-sour kind at the moment.
  • The treatment: Terra Chips 2 of 10
    The treatment: Terra Chips
    Packing a full serving of veggies in each ounce, Terra Chips make a good alternative. I just have to get the "Mediterranean" flavor to make sure they pack a flavorful punch.
  • The temptation: Soda 3 of 10
    The temptation: Soda
    Mt. Dew is regrettably at the top of my list, but I also love classic Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper.
  • The treatment: R.W. Knudsen Spritzers 4 of 10
    The treatment: R.W. Knudsen Spritzers
    Though not short on calories (or cost), these all-natural and no-sugar-added Spritzers by R.W. Knudsen Family are essentially sparkling water flavored well with juice from concentrate. They're tasty. And caffeine-free!
  • The temptation: Pickles 5 of 10
    The temptation: Pickles
    I'm something of a pickle connoisseur, and as far as I'm concerned, Claussen makes the best grocery-store variety.
  • The treatment: Cucumber salad 6 of 10
    The treatment: Cucumber salad
    To spare myself the sodium (and potential tummy ache), I make a quick cucumber salad, preferably with red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and sometimes thinly sliced red onion, if I'm up to it. Today I used balsamic vinegar, and it was great.
  • The temptation: Candy 7 of 10
    The temptation: Candy
    I'm not typically a chocolate person, but lately these delicious little guys are calling my name.
  • The treatment: Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry 8 of 10
    The treatment: Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry
    There are 180 calories in just 1/4 cup of these Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry treats from Brookside, but they're also a good source of antioxidants ... and fruit. Plus, they're so rich 1/4 cup is usually plenty.
  • The temptation: Frozen yogurt with sugary toppings 9 of 10
    The temptation: Frozen yogurt with sugary toppings
    Here I am with my favorite "snack." I'm just happy to say it's not ice cream. But I prefer mine topped with Fruity Pebbles or at least Cap'n Crunch, lately.
  • The fix: Frozen yogurt with fruit 10 of 10
    The fix: Frozen yogurt with fruit
    Lucky for me, there's one of these Sweet Frog yogurt shops in just about every neighborhood around here. I love the original "tart" flavor and of course I'm best off with fruit toppings. And a smaller bowl.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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