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I’ve been a momma for 10 years which means, between my personal life and cupcakeMAG life, I’ve been looking at baby products for over 11 years.  With that said, I pretty much am referred to my friends as their “baby editor” when it comes to purchasing just the right product for their Little.  Not to mention, with each Little products change. New things arise on the market, old things get re-vamp’d and well, it seems like you have never-ending choices and can be seriously overwhelmed as a first time Mom.  It can be a struggle to pick the right product especially when some can be investment. I know, it’s hard spending the dough.

With that said, I thought I would help put a few of my must-haves on your radar in hopes it makes your decision making a little easier. Gotta help each other right?

After the jump, browse through 8 baby products I look forward to using this pregnancy (baby no. 5!) and why you should add them to your list!

  • The G2 Orbit Baby Travel System 1 of 8
    The G2 Orbit Baby Travel System
    Genius. Amazing. Obsessed. Addicted. This is a world-class stroller. Think Mercedes Benz of strollers. And seriously, it takes 60 seconds to install the car seat, yes. 60 seconds. Thanks to the StrongArmâ„¢ mechanism it's the only one that actually pulls the seatbelt tight for you so it quickly yet securely installs the car seat for you. All you have to do is turn a knob. Seriously brilliant right? Okay, so that's not all. My other favorite part about this top of the line bundle, you can dock and rotate your baby 350 degrees on the stroller and into the car. No more struggling to get the baby in the base while holding your 2 year old. This is one travel system that is worth it's pretty price tag. It makes your life as a Mom that much easier.
    Get the G2 Orbit Baby Travel System, $940
  • Little Giraffe Baby Blanket 2 of 8
    Little Giraffe Baby Blanket
    Okay, I know the average person doesn't spend this much on a blanket but, it is worth it. Especially since my girls each have one special blankey they usually sleep with. My 16 month old can't sleep without her Little Giraffe blanket so of course, I will have to have one for the new little boy. It definitely is a luxury baby blanket but it's one they will cherish forever.
    Get a little girafe baby blanket, starting at $22
  • 4moms mamaROO 3 of 8
    4moms mamaROO
    Another one of those innovative products to help soothe baby. The best think about the mamaROO is it moves just like you. With 5 unique motions there is sure to be one that will fit his fancy not to mention a comfy seat that reclines to any position. I love that I can hook up my iPod to play my own tracks or just listen to the built-in nature sounds. This thing really does work miracles! It only had it with my first two.
    Get the 4moms mamaROO, starting at $199.99
  • Stokke Sleepi Crib 4 of 8
    Stokke Sleepi Crib
    I love Stokke. Elegant, modern, well-made and just pretty! So when I came across the Stokke Sleepi I couldn't believe all it could do! Not only can it be used as a bassinet but it can also be a crib, toddler bed or get this -- two chairs! And it gets better - with additional parts you can turn it into a junior bed too! The reason I choose this crib is because it can be made smaller or bigger which means, you don't need to purchase a bassinet and a crib when you have the Stokke Sleepi. You can easily adjust the mattress height positions and it really grows with your child. Why buy more products than you really need? It creates a wonderful nest like environment for your baby who is sure to feel comfortable and secure.
    Get the Stokke Sleepi Crib, $799.99
  • Ergobaby Original Carrier 5 of 8
    Ergobaby Original Carrier
    I am all about the classic items which is why I love the Ergobaby Original Carrier. The 100% cotton canvas is beyond comfortable, I can't even explain it. I high-density padding and straps work for the perfect fit and you aren't uncomfortable at all or constantly adjusting like you do with other carries. In fact, sometimes you will forget you are even baby wearing. The best part? It keeps baby close, safe and the both of you - very comfortable. Oh and you can wear it in 3 positions! Front, hip and back. Endless possibilities! Not to mention, it comes in a super-cute and fun new pattern, zebra! I might not be able to rock pink with a boy but that doesn't mean I can't show off the zebra. Ergobaby comes in many different designs and colors so if Zebra isn't your thing, you can shop around.
    Get the Ergobaby, starting at $115
  • Puj Tub 6 of 8
    Puj Tub
    I am all about the Puj tub. Bath time becomes a chore rather than a relaxing time with your little. This is when the Puj tub comes into play! It is so easy to set-up you can do it while you're holding your Little. Yes, I do not lie! So, for now, just take my advice, buy it! It is the best baby bath time invention umm, ever! Pretty much revolutionary (yep, I said it!) way to bathe your Little! It simply makes your life 110% easier.
    Get the Puj Tub, $45
  • Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair 7 of 8
    Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair
    So, as you can see, I have a seriously love for Stokke but I can't help it -- it's one of those go-to brands for all things chic when it comes to baby. Meet the Tripp Trapp. I love this little guy and all his accessories. Between the adorable new cushions and baby seat, it's a work of art and just oh-so-pretty to look at. It's more than just a highchair. The award-winning Tripp Trapp, available in American Walnut or European Oak is sophisticated and chic - a perfect combo for your dining room table. The sleek minimalist design is my favorite especially since it isn't just pretty, it's beyond functional too as it grows with your child at the table. The baby seat and cushion add comfort and support and attaches so easy to the back and seat of the high chair, even I could do it. I even shocked myself. While it may be more than your average highchair, it's worth every penny as it becomes a piece of furniture you can use for years to come and through multiple children too!
    Get the Stokke Trip Trapp highchair, $249.99
  • Babyletto Glider 8 of 8
    Babyletto Glider
    One thing I couldn't be without is a nice, comfortable and chic glider. Babyletto's Madison Swivel Glider and Ottoman is the glider of all gliders. The super-cozy and soft glider isn't your average rocking chair with the modern rounded back and 360 degree swivel mechanism so you can easily glide while snuggling. And the best part, the quality of the modern glider is something that could easily work in your living room, not just the nursery and be used for years to come! Some gliders are just forgotten about in the corner of the room but this one, the beauty and comfort it brings is impossible to forget. Oh and not to mention the ultra-soft micro-suede is so comfy, you will never want to get up. It's just an excuse to rock baby all day!
    Get the Babyletto glider, $349

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