Cute Summer Shoes for Pregnant Feet

During my first pregnancy, I told people that I didn’t miss drinking. It was true. Going without wine was easy. What was hard was when, in the last months of pregnancy, I found I could not bend over. Well, I could, but the process of hoisting myself back up made me resemble a Weeble or one of those inflatable clown punching bags with the weighted bottom. I was profoundly unsteady.

This was a problem at the end of my first pregnancy because I had a December due date. Winter means snow boots and putting them on became kind of a contortionist event every morning. And did I mention that my boot squished my swollen ankles? Yeah. HAWT. And once I was indoors again, the only comfortable shoes I had were clogs. That I wore with socks. It was not a look that would catch on.

This time, I’m due in June so boots are not going to be a third trimester issue. Flip-flops and summery slip-ons are gonna rock my world, baby! I’m so excited about this that I’m already shopping for cute footwear that I can shove my sausage toes into without having to bend around my bump.

Check out the cute preg-friendly shoes I’ve found so far!

  • Dressy and fun 1 of 10
    Dressy and fun
    Love the rubber-soled wedge! Stability and a little height!
    Purchase at Zappos
  • Hippie Goes Glitzy 2 of 10
    Hippie Goes Glitzy
    Does anything say comfort like Birkenstocks? Does anything say pizazz like silver?
    Purchase at Zappos
  • Pregnant Spartacus? 3 of 10
    Pregnant Spartacus?
    The low heeled gladiator looks is so cute and trendy and the stretchy straps will accommodate swollen feet without unsightly bulging.
    Purchase at Zappos
  • So Sassy 4 of 10
    So Sassy
    Leopard print flip-flops.'Nuff said.
    Purchase at Zappos
  • Polka Dot Fun 5 of 10
    Polka Dot Fun
    If the dots don't sell you, check out the lacing on the heel. So cute!
    Purchase at Old Navy
  • Beachy Style 6 of 10
    Beachy Style
    It's possible that I have already ordered these for myself…
    Purchase at Nordstrom
  • Everyday Comfort 7 of 10
    Everyday Comfort
    I practically live in these flip-flops every summer. Comfortable and durable!
    Purchase at Reef
  • No, Seriously. Crocs. 8 of 10
    No, Seriously. Crocs.
    I know that some people say any and all Crocs are crimes against fashion but these mary janes are comfy and versatile.
    Purchase Crocs
  • Time Warp! 9 of 10
    Time Warp!
    I had these EXACT shoes in 8th grade. I'd buy them for nostalgia as well as comfort. And wear them without laces, just like I did back in the day.
    Purchase at Tretorn
  • Classics 10 of 10
    White slip on Keds, because nothing beats the classics.
    Purchase at Keds

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Photo credit: Old Navy

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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