Cute Ways to Document Baby's Growth

monthly baby photo series I love the idea of tracking your baby’s growth with a monthly photo series. Have I mentioned I was the youngest of seven so there are not many photos of me as a baby? I’m determined to take more for my children. With digital cameras it’s easy to snap a photo or a couple hundred to make sure you get a cute one. Your kids (and their boyfriends/girlfriends) will love it when they grow up. Here are nine cute ideas to get you planning.

  • Graphic Backdrop 1 of 9
    Graphic Backdrop
    Every month Vivi's parents photographed her laying on their graphic chevron rug.
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  • Playing Dress-Up 2 of 9
    Playing Dress-Up
    This reminds me of Cam on Modern Family how he always would dress up Lilly in elaborate costumes. Too funny.
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  • Colorful Backdrop 3 of 9
    Colorful Backdrop
    Every month the pattern changes for the backdrop of this series but it's always bold and colorful.
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  • Calendar Girl 4 of 9
    Calendar Girl
    An oversized calendar is a great way to keep track.
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  • Felt Letters 5 of 9
    Felt Letters
    Cute and colorful. I'm surprised she got him to lay still when he was older.
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  • Photo + Little List 6 of 9
    Photo + Little List
    I like the idea of simply documenting their personality with little lists.
    Image by Heather of Coterie
  • Number Sign 7 of 9
    Number Sign

    Image by Meg Duerksen
  • Chair + Onesie 8 of 9
    Chair + Onesie
    Picking the same chair for them to sit on really helps see their growth.
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  • Same Pose 9 of 9
    Same Pose
    This one might be my favorite maybe because the little girl is so cute. Simple backdrop, same pose, tired arm.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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