Darth Vader Commercial: A Must See For Boy Moms

darth vader commercialI am not a big football fan, so super bowl commercials are really where the entertainment’s at for me. But I found the super bowl 2011 commercials to be pretty darn disappointing. The best, for me, was the Darth Vader commercial for Volkswagen. The spot features a Mini-Darth Vader as he roams around his suburban house, trying in vain to use the Force on various objects in his home. It doesn’t work (duh) but it is quite cute, and an excellent intro into the Star Wars obsession that likely awaits you if you are having a boy baby. The size of this kid gives you a little hint of how early the Darth Vader mania can take hold. It’s hard to tell how old this young Darth Vader is as he’s enveloped in his robes and mask, but judging from his height in relationship to the washing machine, I’d have guessed he’s around 4 or 5. Moms of boys, you may be looking at something eerily similar to this in your own home sooner than you think! Oh, and if you’re having a girl, you should know that it crossed my mind that there might be a girl inside that uniform…Star Wars obsession may be more popular with boys than girls, but girls get pretty into it too, so it’s not at all out of the realm of possibility!

See the commercial…and the kid underneath the mask, after the jump:

and here’s the boy behind the mask on this morning’s Today Show:

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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