Day 1 of IVF Drugs: Hello, Lupron

.10cc of Lupron each evening

First injection of prescribed IVF drugs wasn’t so bad — after I managed to calm myself, that is. Needles are actually scarier than I ever thought. In high school, I dated a guy who had diabetes, and his needles of insulin never bothered me. But it’s a whole other ballgame when it’s yourself.

My wife works evenings, either coaching CrossFit or serving up delicious goodness at the yummiest Albany restaurant, so when our fertility center told us that the Lupron injection had to be done in the evenings between 6:00 and 9:00, we knew I’d have to face this battle solo.

I was being all tough about it, too: Oh, I got this; it’s no big deal. It’s the tiniest needle and the nurse said it wouldn’t feel any worse than a pin prick. But when it came time to actually inject myself, I was nervous. First-time anythings are tough, slightly anxiety inducing if you ask me. So, naturally, I Googled whether or not I could have a glass of wine while taking Lupron. Lucky for me, I could.

I poured myself a wee bit of pinot grigio — just enough to calm my nerves — and then I headed to the bathroom with my alcohol swabs, needle, and the vial of goods. I cleaned a spot on my belly, just below my belly button, and squeezed a nice roll of my gut. Sure, I got this, I thought. Then I filled the syringe with the .10cc of Lupron and made sure there were no bubbles. I was ready.

Suddenly, I felt like I needed to sit. Injecting a needle into your stomach and knowing it is the beginning of the hormone aspect of this wild and crazy baby-making process is a lot to take in. So I sat on the toilet, took a deep breath, reminded myself there’s only one way this baby is going to make it into the world, and poked myself with a needle.

It really didn’t even feel as bad as a pin prick. It was painless, painless, painless, and over in less than 20 seconds. I did have a slight burning sensation afterward — the nurse said that might happen — and I personally think it was more from the alcohol swab than the actual injection (I have very sensitive skin). But who knows…

They say the side effects are hot flashes and headaches. So far, I haven’t experienced either. It is only Day 1, but, so far, so good!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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