Dear Kate Middleton, I’ve Got Your Back on This Whole Morning Sickness Thing

Miss Lori pregnant for the third timeDear Kate,

I know that we don’t know each other, but I wanted to reach out to you about your news. First of all, congratulations! Very exciting. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with my second child, everything felt that much more solidified. The idea of having two children really made me feel like a certified adult. And when the third came, well, by then I just felt outnumbered 🙂

With my first pregnancy, I was sick all the time until my fifth month and then it was smooth sailing. My friends hadn’t started having kids yet and my own mother had adopted me, so I assumed I was just wasn’t taking to pregnancy well and being a big baby.

But by the second time around, it quickly became clear that my “morning sickness” wasn’t typical at all and I most certainly wasn’t a big baby. I actually passed out in my home when I was alone with my 18-month-old son. Beyond terrifying.

It might not feel that way right now, but you’re lucky that you had people around you diagnosing your hyperemesis gravidarum right away during your first pregnancy. Once it was diagnosed for me during my second pregnancy, at least I knew what to expect with the third. Well, I thought I did – except unfortunately, I found the symptoms increased in intensity with each child.

With that in mind, I want to share with you some tricks I learned that got me through all of the rumbling, tumbling, gurgling, curdling, gagging and up-chucking. I am not a doctor. Heck, I don’t even play one on TV. But I am a woman who has kneeled at the porcelain throne through three pregnancies … and survived to tell the tale.

Mothers, even those across the pond, need to help each other out whenever we can.


1. Eat absolutely anything that makes your tummy happy. This isn’t the time to watch your waistline. It’s going to expand no matter what.

2. Keep hard candies on hand. As much as possible, you don’t want to leave your stomach empty. An empty tummy is an ornery tummy. But sometimes, as I am sure you already know, eating is just out of the question, which is why I kept a handful of hard candies available at all times. Sucking on a hard candy would often keep my stomach juices at bay long enough for me to develop a new taste for some sort of food.

3. Orange soda. Everyone always told me to drink ginger ale to calm the curdling in my stomach. It never did it for me. What did was orange soda. I don’t know why, but I gotta tell ya, with as much distress as I was in, I really didn’t care. I was just happy to have something work.

4. Don’t stick out your tongue to brush it. It’s easy to forget when brushing your tongue is a lifelong habit, but I found that in doing so, I was sure to gag myself with distressing results.

5. Use flavored water to rinse your mouth out. When the inevitable happens, you will need to rinse your mouth out. Regular water or even mouthwash can lead to repeat performances. I found water with light flavoring helped to refresh my mouth without igniting more stomach irritation.

6. Avoid dairy during the day. Dairy creates mucus and mucus can leave your stomach gurgling. That’s bad enough but if and when you have to bend over the porcelain throne, dairy will bring about a significantly more unpleasant episode.

7. Keep a small refrigerator in your bedroom. Invariably you will wake up hungry and getting out of bed can make your stomach even more rumbly. Keep a small refrigerator in your bedroom stocked with your favorite late night snacks.

8. Greek yogurt in the middle of the night. Dairy during the day can be very unpleasant when you’re spending a lot of time upchucking your meals. However, during the night yogurt was a great and soothing option, particularly greek yogurt. Remember, protein and calcium compliment sleep.

9. Find a scent that agrees with you and keep a little satchel on hand. There are so many smells in the world, and when you are pregnant and suffering from HG those smells can leave you green at the gills and gasping for air. I found it helpful to keep a small satchel of a cinnamon, because that scent never bothered me. Whenever I was assaulted by a fragrance that was working to make me swoon, I would hold that satchel under my nose and breathe in relief.

10. Spaghetti O’s. Because it tastes the same going down and coming up. Nuff said.


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