Decaf Indulgences

I recently experienced my first decaf coffee. I guess I could just end this post right there, because that pretty much says it all. Obviously I was less than enthused as I tasted the caffeine-free, lack luster, warm beverage. WHY, COFFEE!?!? WHY?!?!

Not even ordering a custom decaf beverage did the trick. I’m not sure if it’s because I KNOW there is no caffeine and therefore I prejudged the contents of my mug… I’m not sure if it’s because there truly is a taste difference between regular and decaf… I’m not sure if it’s my amplified exhaustion that comes with pregnancy…

Regardless, I’m not a fan. It’s like faking an orgasm. A complete and utter disappointment.

I started cutting back on my coffee and overall caffeine intake when Paul and I started trying for a baby, a few months ago. I suppose it’s good that I didn’t cut out coffee cold turkey? Though now I am kicking myself for not savoring each mug of joe up until the day I peed on a stick.

I found a way to still enjoy ‘happy hour’ with my husband. As he sips on his stellar stouts, I shake myself up a cranberry and tonic with a squeeze of lime. It’s a nice break from the incessant H2O that I am drinking like a camel, day in and day out. Somehow, I cannot find a suitable replacement for my morning (ok fine, afternoon too) cup of sanity.

Towards the end of my pregnancy with Jackson, I indulged in coffee. (This may explain his off-the-wall behavior… or not). It was a treat for me to have a leisurely walk to my local Starbucks and snag an iced white mocha, no whip. I can remember being on the receiving end of an occasional judgmental glare by other patrons, but it sure didn’t stop me from my third trimester vice.

I feel SUPER CAUTIOUS during the first trimester. I also feel super out of my mind during the first trimester. Honestly, I have eaten so much ice cream in the last month that I would finish a pint before it even had the opportunity to melt. I NEEDED IT. And now I am finding myself NEEDING the extraordinary splendor of the coffee bean.

As of now, I remain on the path of decafination (it’s a word. I just made it up.) and shall stay strong.

What have you done during your pregnancy when it comes to indulging in food or drink? Have you found ways around it? Have you occasionally submitted? (I won’t tell.) Care to share a “ZOMG THIS IS SO GOOD AND IT’S DECAF” delight with me?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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