Deciding on a Middle Name

At this point, I’m pretty sure we’ve got our first name nailed.

My husband had a sudden bout of uncertainty about the name which made me realize how much I loved it and apparently, all my husband needed was for me to be less wishy-washy and then he was on board.


Now we’ve got the middle name to tackle.

The problem with the middle name is that we’ve got nothing to go on, as opposed to the baby’s first name which will most likely be using the first letter of our most recently deceased family member, as is the Jewish tradition.

Our first daughter’s middle name is Rose. Rose is shortened from Rosengarten which is my maiden name. It was an obvious choice.

My first thought was to make our second daughter’s middle name a flower as well, which would bring alive the “garden” in the second half of my maiden name. But then one of my friends pointed out that if they both had the middle name Rose, it would be a true Rose Garden.

I loved that idea and broached it with my husband.

He nixed it.

He doesn’t like the idea of both our daughters sharing a middle name. It’s doesn’t bother me, mainly because my sister and I happen to share the middle Eve, through no other reason than my mom really liked it and it was short, as compared to our incredibly long last name.

But it doesn’t look like he is budging so we are stuck.

If we don’t use the original flower idea (we can’t agree on a single flower), than I’m not sure where else to get name inspiration from. It seems weird to just pick a middle name that has absolutely no connection to anything.

So, here’s my question for you— what was the inspiration you used to pick a middle name? Is it a family name? A town you grew up in? Or just a name that sounded nice with the first one?

Help! I’ve only got a few weeks left to decide!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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