Designer Cribs and Their Budget Twins

Buying the baby crib is a pretty big deal for new parents. Not only is it the focal point of the nursery — setting the style for the room — but it’s something that can (hopefully) last for years. That, and it’s an expensive purchase.

Finding a beautiful baby crib isn’t hard. It’s easy to browse through Ouef, Restoration Hardware, and Land of Nod cribs and fall utterly in love — until you see the price tags pushing $1,000.

So I took some of the most popular and beautiful designer cribs and found their budget twins — often times cutting the price by double or even triple with a shockingly similar look:

  • SPLURGE: Oeuf Classic, $940 1 of 21
    This is one of my favorite cribs of all time, from one of the most coveted baby furniture designers. It's simply stunning in person.
    Buy from giggle
  • SAVE: Baby Mod Olivia, $269 2 of 21
    Baby Mod has some of the best modern-style cribs at a more affordable price — like this one that looks shockingly similar to the Oeuf Classic.
    Buy from Walmart
  • SPLURGE: Millbrook Iron Crib, $849 3 of 21
    This vintage-style iron crib certainly is dreamy — and pricey.
    Buy from Restoration Hardware
  • SAVE: Jenny Lind Stationary Crib, $169 4 of 21
    Yet if you love the vintage look, it doesn't get much more classic (or more affordable!) than the Jenny Lind. On the fence? Look at all of these real-life Jenny Lind cribs at Apartment Therapy, here and here.

    **PLEASE keep in mind that there are many used Jenny Lind cribs for sale out there, but most of the older versions are drop-side cribs — which are now fully recalled across the board.
    Buy from Amazon
  • SPLURGE: DwellStudio Mid-Century Crib, $980 5 of 21
    Quite possibly the most coveted designer crib, found in countless nursery photo shoots.
    Buy from giggle
  • SAVE: giggle Better Basics Harper Crib, $595 6 of 21
    Okay, okay. It's not the most affordable crib out there, but it's a similar look to the DwellStudio crib for almost $400 les — plus it's an eco-responsible crib with non-toxic and low-VOC finishes.
    This is a truly gorgeous crib in person, and for that, it's not a bad price.
    Buy from giggle
  • REALLY SAVE: IKEA Sundvik Crib, $119 7 of 21
    But if you're just looking for a similar look for the best price possible, this is obviously the smartest choice. Especially because it converts into a toddler bed! What would we do without IKEA?
    Buy from IKEA
  • SPLURGE: Kalon Studios Caravan Crib, $695 8 of 21
    Gorgeous for those dreaming of a colorful crib.
    Buy from Kalon Studios
  • SAVE: IKEA Somnat Crib, $99 9 of 21
    ...yet here are some similarly colorful cribs at almost $600 less!
    Buy from IKEA
  • SPLURGE: Designer Grey Cribs, $695 – $900 10 of 21
    Modern and trendy, these are the most well-known chic grey cribs.

    1. Ouef Sparrow $730, giggle
    2. Alex crib $695, giggle
    3. Grey Low-Rise Crib $900, Land of Nod 3.
  • SAVE: Baby Mod Modena 3-in-1 in Cool Grey, $199 11 of 21
    Or you can go with this similarly chic grey crib in a similarly modern shape — for under $200!!!
    Buy from Walmart
  • SPLURGE: Stokke Sleepi, $1,000 12 of 21
    The Stokke Sleepi is my #1 favorite crib in existence for it's unique style, functional perks and overall quality. It may seem that this convertible set is in a class of its own...
    Buy from giggle
  • SAVE: BamBam Crib Set, $449 13 of 21
    While it may seem like a steep price for a "budget" crib, this set comes with all of the conversion kits from bassinet up to big-kid bed. (The Stokke Sleepi junior bed conversion kit is sold separately.)
    Another perk is that, although there's a similar rounded style to the crib, a traditional crib mattress fits inside — meaning you don't need a specific round mattress, such as with the Stokke crib. And the BamBam set comes with a mattress for the bassinet.
    (You can buy the crib on its own for $329.)
    Buy from Arlington
  • SPLURGE: Bloom Alma Mini Crib, $340 14 of 21
    If you live in a small space, you may have been eyeing the popular Alma Mini Crib — the sleekest, most stylish mini crib that actually folds down flat.
    Buy from giggle
  • SAVE: Baby Mod Dylan Mini Crib, $149 15 of 21
    This is actually my favorite budget find, because oh my god it looks almost identical, with almost identical dimensions, for almost $200 less. And it comes in grey as well!
    To be fair, I know that the Bloom crib's quality is off the charts, but if you're just looking to save some cash...
    Buy from Walmart
  • SPLURGE: Bloom Luxo Crib 16 of 21
    This gorgeous (stunning! breathtaking!) crib, with a unique two-done design and curved lines, actually folds for storage! How could I find anything that compares....?
    Buy from giggle
  • SAVE: Oggi Kosa Convertible Crib, $329.99 17 of 21
    Okay, it's not exactly like its splurge counterpart, but it's a great compromise if you're drawn to the two-tone design and modern aesthetic. And although it doesn't fold to store, it does have under-crib storage!
    Buy from BabyAge.com
  • SPLURGE: Marlowe Sleigh Crib, $1099 18 of 21
    Wowza. This handcrafted sleigh crib is dramatic and regal — and it costs over $1,000.
    Buy from Restoration Hardware
  • SAVE: Slumber Time by Simmons Kids Hutton Sleigh Crib, $359.99 19 of 21
    Oh but look! Another pretty sleigh crib for over $700 less!
    Buy from Target

    (P.S.: Davinci also makes a pretty sleigh-style crib, which you can find at Walmart for $239.98.)
  • SPLURGE: White Sleigh Crib, $799 20 of 21
    This beautiful, feminine white sleigh crib is a little less dramatic — except when it comes to the price.
    Buy from Land of Nod
  • SAVE: Solutions by Kids ‘R’ Us Classic Crib, $199.99 21 of 21
    Incredibly, this new crib at Babies 'R Us looks so very similar — except it'll cost you $600 less.
    Buy from Babies R Us

Of course there are big differences in quality, construction and, in several cases, eco-friendly materials — so obviously you should weigh what’s important to you. But if you’re just looking for overall style and safety, why spend the big bucks?


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