15 Dessert-Inspired Baby Names for Your Sweetie

Image source: thinkstock
Image source: thinkstock

When you glance at the adorable, chubby face of a newborn you can’t help but think, “I could just eat you up!” Why not fully embrace that emotion by naming your little one after your favorite treat? We’ve compiled some of our favorite dessert-inspired baby names to bestow on your sweetie.

1. Ambrosia

This classic ’50s dessert salad is the perfect balance of fruit and marshmallows. Bring it back with this retro name.

2. Angel

Angel food cake is light and airy, and often topped with strawberries. What a perfect treat to be named after! And you have to admit that the name Angel is quite fitting for a newborn.

3. Chip 

You’re probably familiar with the adorable teacup from Beauty and the Beast, Chip. Take inspiration from the beloved character or everyone’s favorite cookie: Chocolate Chip.

4. Coco

We can only assume that Courteney Cox and David Arquette were inspired by their love of all things chocolate when they decided to bestow their daughter with the moniker Coco.

5. Cookie 

With so many variations on this tasty dessert, your Cookie will simply be one of a kind. Who knows, she may even pick up some of the fierce personality traits of Empire‘s Cookie!

6. Dulce

Dulce, which means “sweet” in Spanish, is very befitting. That is, until they hit puberty.

7. Ginger 

Is there anything better than wafting in the spicy scent of gingerbread men during the holidays? Perhaps only the aroma of your newborn.

8. Graham

You can’t make s’mores — the greatest campfire dessert of all time — without graham crackers! We don’t think your expanding family would be complete without a Graham of your own.

9. Heath 

Inspired by the Heath Bar, this name wouldn’t be so uncommon for your baby boy. We just recommend waiting until he’s a little older to feed him this tasty candy.

10. Kit 

Break off a piece of that Kit Kat bar! This classic candy bar is not only delicious, but it also serves as a great baby name!

11. Napoleon

Known for having a multitude of layers, this pastry would make for an excellent namesake for your baby!

12. Reese

If you’d rather not admit that your tyke was named after the ever-tasty chocolate peanut butter cup, you can always play it off like you named her after Reese Witherspoon!

13. Ruth 

This dessert-inspired name truly speaks for itself. Baby Ruth … you can’t get any better than that.

14. Sundae

Who doesn’t love an ice cream sundae? We love the hipster feel this name has based on spelling alone.

15. Tira

We prefer all things coffee-soaked, like a decadent tiramisu cake, which is why we think Tira would be a perfect moniker.

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