Diaper Bag Makeover! 16 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag

16 Tips for a Better Diaper Bag

This is Part 3 for a four-part series highlighting Healthy Child Healthy World’s new e-book, Easy Steps for a Healthy & Safe Nursery.

In this go, go, go world we live in, it’s important to make sure you have the products you need when you need them especially when your baby is involved. But all too often, convenience trumps quality when it comes to what’s pack in your diaper bag.

But making sure your future diaper bag — or making over your current diaper bag — is filled with chemical-free, nontoxic products and goodies for your baby is easier than you think.

Just check out these simple steps to creating an eco-friendly diaper bag, and tell me what your can’t-live-without-it green baby product is!

  • Wet/Dry STINKY Bag 1 of 16
    Wet/Dry STINKY Bag
    Maybe you're using cloth diapers. Maybe you need a place for that spit-up covered burp cloth. Maybe you just don't have anywhere to toss baby's diaper. Be sure to have a washable and reusable wet/dry STINKY bag to keep your diaper bag odor free.
    Gets yours from RedstuffDesigns for $15!
  • BPA-Free Pacifiers 2 of 16
    BPA-Free Pacifiers
    More and more, we hear of the dangers of BPA found in common plastic items. Be sure this toxin isn't in your baby's binky by opting for BPA-free pacifiers instead.
    Get yours from Amazon for $5.95
  • Eco-Friendly Toys 3 of 16
    Eco-Friendly Toys
    There are often hidden chemicals on toys. And since your Little One seems to put everything in his mouth, be sure to pack eco-friendly toys.
    Get yours from sqrlbee for $30!
  • Natural Teething Biscuits 4 of 16
    Natural Teething Biscuits
    Speaking of things your baby puts in his mouth, make sure those teething biscuits are healthy! In fact, why not make your own?
    Click here for a recipe from Babble's Family Kitchen and make your own!
    Photo via Flickr" Creative Commons
  • Chlorine-Free Diapers 5 of 16
    Chlorine-Free Diapers
    According to Healthy Child Healthy World, up to 20 percent of diaper rashes could be caused by petroleum-based dyes and other chemicals used in disposable diapers. Yikes! If you can't deal with cloth diapers, try to use chlorine-free diapers, but stay away from chemical-laden diapers.
    You can buy them here from Earths' Best for $12.91!
  • Healthy Snacks 6 of 16
    Healthy Snacks
    Don't get stuck without something healthy and nutritious for baby to snack on. Try to pack snacks in reusable containers for even less waste.
    Get yours from Vitacost for $3.59!
  • Chemical-Free Baby Wipes 7 of 16
    Chemical-Free Baby Wipes
    Imagine smearing toxins on your baby's bum every time you clean her? Well that's just what you're doing unless you use chemical-free baby wipes. You can even make your own!
    Buy 768 of 'em from Amazon for $33.99!
  • Organic Burp Cloths 8 of 16
    Organic Burp Cloths
    Let's face it, your baby's face spends a lot of time smooshed up against mattresses, car seats, and burp cloths. That's a lot of exposure to potentially chemically textiles. Swap what you can for products made of organic materials, like these burp cloths.
    Get yours from MaryGDesigns for $6!
  • Natural Baby Lotion 9 of 16
    Natural Baby Lotion
    Keep safe and effective baby lotion on hand with this lovely option. Your baby's skin will thank you for it.
    Get yours from Amazon for $12!
  • Organic Diaper Cream 10 of 16
    Organic Diaper Cream
    Okay, so you've ditched the chemically diapers and the toxic baby wipes. Now make sure your baby's bum is treated kindly with organic diaper cream.
    Get yours from Amazon for $12.99!
  • Organic Swaddling Blanket 11 of 16
    Organic Swaddling Blanket
    Just another material that's always on your baby's skin. Be sure to have a cozy blanket made of natural fibers on hand.
    Get yours from littlehipsqueaks for $44.80!
  • Chemical-Free Sunblock 12 of 16
    Chemical-Free Sunblock
    Keep those rays from harming your Little One's skin while also keeping chemicals away from her skin by using natural sunblock.
    Get yours from Vitacost for $8.99!
  • BPA-Free Bottles 13 of 16
    BPA-Free Bottles
    BPA, again. It's everywhere! Make sure the bottle in your eco-friendly diaper bag are BPA free.
    Get yours from Amazon for $14.97
  • Natural Bibs 14 of 16
    Natural Bibs
    Whadda ya know? Another cloth that spends a good amount of time touching your baby's skin. Keep those little folds in his neck safe clean with a better choice bib.
    Get yours from Natural Baby Home for $11.95!
  • Organic Baby Food 15 of 16
    Organic Baby Food
    What's in your diaper bag is just as important as what's in your baby's belly. Organic baby food might be more expensive, but it's one thing you shouldn't skimp on.
    Get yours from Amazon for $11.99!
  • Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag 16 of 16
    Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag
    None of this would amount to much if you didn't have an eco-friendly diaper bag! Opt for one made from natural or organic materials, like this fabulous and waterproof! one.
    Get yours from ikabags for $89!

SOURCE: Easy Steps for a Healthy & Safe Nursery, by Healthy Child, Healthy World

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