Did Beyonce Put a (Fake) Bump On It?

Sunday Night HDThe rumor mill is churning, and people are speculating. Has Beyonce decided to prematurely put a bump on it? Is her cute little baby belly the real deal or not?

Just in case you missed the “bump-troversy” (as it’s being called), Beyonce appeared on an Australian TV show this past Sunday night sporting what is now being speculated as a “blow up bump” that deflated as she got comfy in the hot seat.

Beyonce is due sometime in February, which means she’s approximately 20-24 weeks pregnant. According to the experts, this means her baby is around one pound and approximately 12 inches long.

Would she, could she, have a baby bump at this point in her pregnancy? YES OF COURSE SHE COULD!

In addition to this latest scandal, there is also speculation that like other celebrities, Beyonce and Jay-Z are actually using a surrogate, and that Beyonce is in fact faking the entire thing.

Beyonce’s publicist quickly squashed rumors and told the claims “are stupid, ridiculous and false.”

In my opinion, which is completely professional, because I too am pregnant, I think she looks just lovely and that her bump is more than likely 100% authentic. I mean, why would someone fake something so major?

Here’s a thought, might we as society be scrutinizing her and her bump (or lack thereof) just a bit too much? I don’t know, the verdict is still out.

Do you think she’s pulling one over on us? Is her bump the real deal? Or should we just leave her and her waistline alone?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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