Did You Dream Your Baby's Gender?

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Earlier this week, I awoke with a start – I had just had the most vivid, realistic dream about my little baby.  I was holding the baby in my arms as I breastfed and as I looked down at the baby’s sweet face, I knew the sex of the baby.  Since we’re not planning to find out the sex before the birth, this was quite an exciting dream!  Maybe my subconscious was trying to tell me something!

I’ve read online that 70 – 80% of women who dream the sex of their baby are correct (but I cannot find any links to studies that back up these statistics, so I think it’s an urban legend).  So I took to my blog, Healthy Tipping Point, to ask my readers to weigh in – did they know the sex of their baby because of a dream? 

Here’s what a few readers had to say:

Keri said, “I totally knew both times that I was having girls! I can’t explain it, but I just knew!”

Corrie said, “I have friend who was 100% and without question sure she was having a girl. Never had an ultrasound to find out gender, because SHE KNEW. Except… she didn’t have a girl.”

Morgan said, “I actually always had dreams that our daughter was a boy before she was born. I never once had a dream featuring a girl, but that is what we ended up having!”

Gina said, “I kept dreaming that the baby was a girl, even though at the time they told us it was a boy (since we went in for a way early ultrasound). Turns out the dreams (and my acupuncturist) were right!”

Erica said, “I had extremely vivid dreams (and daydreams) during the first part of my pregnancy where we definitely had a baby girl. I referred to my daughter, she had a name, outfits, etc. I was convinced I was having a girl (just had a feeling) and was willing to place bets on it.  However, at our very first ultrasound (12 weeks, pre-gender reveal) and we saw the baby move, I said “Oh look at him go!” Turns out that we are in fact having a boy. So I was dead wrong!

Heather said, “I knew the minute I found out I was pregnant that I was having twins. Then we heard the heartbeats and I know one was a boy and one was a girl… Needless to say, I got one of each.”

Crystal said, “I had some crazy dream that my second [baby] was a frog!”Sarah said, “Before I found out I was pregnant with my first (about 3 or 4 days before my period was due), I dreamed I was at my childhood home with hubby. We were walking up the driveway and then a wee baby boy crawled up to us… we watched as he grew in front of ours eyes, walking, talking, laughing, running…. then he stopped and turned to us. He was an adult and the most amazing looking man I’d ever seen. I walked up to him and said “We’ve been waiting for you” And he replied “I’m nearly there.”  Two days later, I got  a positive pregnancy test. Goes without saying that my baby was a boy. The most vivid, compelling, amazing dream of my life.”

Did you correctly dream the sex of your baby?  Or did you dream something crazy like so many of my readers, like giving birth to kittens or puppies?

Caitlin blogs at HealthyTippingPoint.com and OperationBeautiful.com.  You can also find her on Twitter.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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