Did You (or Will You) Record Your Labor and Birth?

Did You (or Will You) Record Your Labor and Birth?It’s hard when you think about going into a pregnancy knowing it will be your last child. Well, it’s hard for me at least as someone who could find herself happily welcoming a new child into our life every 2 years.

That’s not possible and with three already we are sure that when we welcome our next child into our family it will (likely) be our last. It will be my last pregnancy, last labor, last birth and last time living all the fun being pregnant is. It will honestly be difficult for me to say goodbye to such an amazing life chapter and all the experiences that go with it.

All that being said, I want to make sure I do everything I can when I am pregnant to not have any “if only I…” regrets.

In my other pregnancies I have not had any professional maternity photos done. I have not done a belly cast nor have I recorded the birth of any of my children. I do have a lot of ultrasounds, some personal photos and loads of memories of my previous pregnancies, labor and birth which I am thankful for.

I am debating now if I would like up the ante on the mementos I have and get some of those more professional things done. It’s so much different now than it was 4 years ago when I was last pregnant. There are now photographers who specialize in amazing maternity photos, labor photographing and birth photography. We have the means to make our own as well thanks to more affordable professional quality cameras and a husband who works with it now for work.

My big hesitation on video recording labor and birth is — would I ever watch it again? You know, not likely. I can see it making a really neat highlight reel or a cool quick-look YouTube video but beyond that, I am not sure.

Did you (or will you) be video recording your labor and birth? Did you get professional photographs taken of labor and birth? Worth it?


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