Sending Birth Announcements From An iPhone?

In our modern age it’s no surprise that when momentous occasions occur, more often than not, people don’t get around to sending out paper and ink announcements.  By the time they get around to announcing their news most everyone has already found out anyway, via texts, e-mails, Facebook and Twitter updates, blogs, etc…

That’s why I think that the iPhone/iPad app Red Stamp is genius, because it allows you to send out digital correspondence (i.e. birth announcements) via text or e-mail with a personal touch.

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The Red Stamp application is free to download to iPhones, iPad or iTouch and offers more than 400 templates for thank yous, invitations, holiday cards and most importantly announcements.  Many of the birth announcement templates have a space to upload photos – so you can show off your freshly birthed baby if you so desire.  You can also personalize the greeting, to include all of baby’s vital stats – much prettier and more personal than a mass text or a quick photo uploaded to Facebook.

Here’s a little mock up I did of a birth announcement for myself…hopefully our actual baby will be less stick-figure-like, but you get the idea.

Definitely a cool app worth checking out.  I know I’ll be using it when our little one arrives!

How do you plan on announcing your baby’s birth?

Will you announce it via digital medium or wait to do it in a more traditional way?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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