Create a Digital Time Capsule For Your Baby with Gmail

My sister knows that I am an emotional mess.  I can cry watching an OnStar commercial.  So of course, she had to send me this video. And of course I cried, but this video also inspired me.

I started blogging many years ago because I sucked at scrap booking. I have baby books for all of my kids, though I can’t tell you if there is anything other than their birth date in them. And now that I blog professionally and the kids are older, I blog a lot less about them out of respect for their privacy. There are so many thing I want to capture but want to keep between just a few of us and that I know my baby won’t appreciate or understand till she or he is older.

This video sparked a thought on how I can send private notes and memories to this baby in my belly. AH HA! Create a digital time capsule.

It all starts with a gmail account. Learn How to Create a Digital Time Capsule For Your Baby with Gmail, both born and unborn:

Create a gmail account for your unborn baby. Send emails to this account as memories and milestones occurs.

  • I felt you kick.
  • You are a girl (or boy)!
  • Why we named you
  • Photos of your belly
  • Videos of Mommy & Daddy (and siblings if applicable)

When the baby arrives continue. Forward baby photos, videos, memories, etc. The list of baby and childhood milestones are countless. And storing them digitally, you’ll forever have a copy…. that is of course….

Unless Google dies off, and Gmail forever fades which is doubtful.  And if that happens, you could always back-up the emails.

Could you imagine putting the login to this email on your child’s graduation card?


How Will Technology Affect How You Store Memories For Your Child?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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