17 Must-Haves for Indulgent Labor and Postpartum Hospital Birth Kits for the Crunchy Mama

DIY: Indulgent Labor and Postpartum Hospital Birth Kits for the Crunchy Mama
When you head to the hospital to have your baby, everyone wants to tell you what to pack.

Well, I do too.


But in all honesty, there are so many things I’d wish I’d had both times around. Especially with Bella as we were there about 2 days after she was born, it was hard to get my husband to run back and forth to the house to get little items I wanted with me. Then of course you find things that make you think, “That would have been SO nice to have when I was (insert something laborish here).”

Rounded up below are some little fun, indulgent must have’s for the “crunchy” mama. Really for anyone, but I decided to put a spin on it and look for more natural, organic products that aren’t as mainstream in some cases. These can work for almost any kind of birth you have.

I reached out to my über smart, more natural minded readers on my Facebook page to ask what they would have wanted in the hospital that their midwife or OB didn’t provide. They filled in things that I hadn’t thought of, and the result is a few of the ones we should never be without during and after labor again. Kits are expensive, and sometimes you don’t use all the items in them. So pick and choose from the ones below to decide which you must have in that bag.

Even if it’s just to chuck off someone’s head when you’re at 9cm. That’s ok too.

Both for baby and mama, this list will help you get started packing that hospital birthing kit.

  • Lunapads – Postpartum Kit 1 of 17
    A natural way to take care of yourself for those first few weeks. Gel and chemical free. Simply toss and wash when used.
    Purchase for $62.96 from Lunapads
  • Psyllium Husks 2 of 17
    Take it to help with that first time in the bathroom after birth. You know. The one where you want to fall into a coma until it's over.
    Purchase for $6.99 from Amazon
  • Organic Lip Balm 3 of 17
    Flavors like Lavender Meringue and Mint Herbal will help calm and soothe those chapped lips before and after.
    Purchase for $3 from Earth Mama Angel Baby
  • Pretty Pushers Organic Cotton Disposable Delivery/Labor Gown 4 of 17
    I almost didn't include this, because if you've given birth, you know that this won't look too pretty after. However, if you're determined to look good all the way through, this gown is the way to go.
    Purchase for $40 from Amazon
  • Lansinoh Lanolin 5 of 17
    I still have nipples because of this. Honest to goodness, apply it often and well. Not everyone is able to breastfeed pain free, as my first taught me well.
    Purchase for $9.33 from Amazon
  • Mama Bottom Balm 6 of 17
    Organic olive oil mixes with St. Johns wort, yarrow, Witch hazel, Calendula, Shea butter, and more to make a comforting, soothing balm for all that your body has gone through.
    Purchase for $10.15 from Earth Mama Angel Baby
  • Booby Tubes 7 of 17
    The name of these always conjures up a strange image for me, but these breast wraps heat and cool for immediate relief.
    Purchase for $13.29 from Amazon
  • Sho Natural Ointment 8 of 17
    A miracle antibiotic cream, for all kinds of wounds, including c-section. Check for ingredients for allergies to certain plants/oils.
    Purchase for $19 from Mama Goddess Birth Shop
  • Natural Stretch Oil 9 of 17
    Use on your stomach until the last weeks of your pregnancy when it can be used to start to stretch the perineal area for birth.
    Purchase for $12.30 from Amazon
  • Under The Nile Receiving Blankets 10 of 17
    Organic cotton to wrap your little one's fresh and soft skin in.
    Purchase for $34 from Baby Earth
  • Rumparooz Lil•Joeys Newborn Diapers 11 of 17
    Perfect first time diapers. Bring a stash with you to use. These are great because of the lowered pouch for the umbilical cord. Fits 6-12lbs.
    Purchase for $29.97 from Kelly's Closet
  • Happy Mama Spray 12 of 17
    Aromatherapy in a bottle. Spray it for a calming, relaxing scent that everyone in the room can use.
    Purchase for $12.95 from Earth Mama Angel Baby
  • Organic Nursing Cami 13 of 17
    The side clip and drape make it so easy to nurse baby while keeping a bit more covered under. Also great for under a heavier shirt/sweater.
    Purchase for $32.30 from Leading Lady
  • Planet Wise Wet Bags 14 of 17
    For Lunapads and cloth diapers - the wet bag has a water resistant inside to store it all until you get home.
    Purchase for $19 from Lunapads
  • Seventh Generation Wipes 15 of 17
    Cloth wipes are hard in a hospital - especially from a bed trying to get them wet. Save yourself the stress and get a pack of Seventh Gen, some of my favorites.
    Purchase for $36.99 from Amazon
  • 100% Organic Turkish Cotton Slippers 16 of 17
    Luxury for your feet. Natural slippers will let you scoot around in comfort, keeping your feet clean and warm on those cold hospital floors.
    Purchase for $29.95 from Amazon
  • PUREOLOGY Super Smooth Petite Luxuries (Travel) 17 of 17
    Featured on The Ecologist for their vegan and cruelty free practice, this luxury in a small bag is perfect to unwind and relax and take that first AMAZING shower.
    Purchase for $30 from Amazon
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