DNA Jack or Jill Test Tells You What You’re Having at 9 Weeks

Today, I got a little something in the mail courtesy of Accu Metric in Canada. The Viaguard DNA Prenatal Gender Test, otherwise known as the Jack & Jill test, is something I’ve been dying to try! A good friend of mine, Kim from Whimsy Baby Photo, is an old pro. With 4 girls and another on the way, she has taken the Jack and Jill test with each pregnancy. And with each pregnancy, it has been right! Good enough for me.

All you have to do is prick your finger and send a few drops of blood off to Toronto. (But make sure there is no male in the room as cross contamination is always a concern.) Pretty easy huh? The test is sold in over 20 countries, and a great deal of genetic research has gone into developing the test. So how do they exactly know what you’re having? Based on the DNA confirmation of the presence or absence of the Y chromosome from fetal cells in the maternal blood. You get your results via phone and email after  5-7 working days after the sample is received. Sounds like Intelli-Gender has got nothing on Accu Metrics!

It may have a steep price tag of $249 but with a 98% accuracy of knowing the gender at 10 weeks — I’ll take it. I have no patience when it comes to these things, and I am dying to find out at 15 weeks! Want more info? Check it out on too!

Have you ever taken an early gender prediction test?

I can’t wait to share my results in a few weeks with you!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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