Do I Need To Take A Breastfeeding Class?

Signing up for prenatal classes is on my 3rd trimester to-do list!

As the end of my pregnancy draws closer and closer, I’m starting to think a lot about what I need to do to feel prepared to bring our baby into the world.  One of the things that’s been hanging out on my to-do list for quite some time now is scheduling parenting and childbirth classes.

The midwife group we are working with has a group prenatal care option that we have been using since we moved to Seattle.  Essentially, our prenatal appointments are combined short individual sessions along with longer 2-hour group sessions all with couples who are due within a few weeks of each other.  It’s a nice way to meet other pregnant women, and get some great pregnancy info in a group setting that is very relaxed and casual.

But in addition to our group prenatal appointments, I know there are a few other more focused topics I’d like to explore.  So far I have signed up for an infant CPR class and another class on labor preparation and relaxation techniques.  The other class that is most often recommended to new moms is breastfeeding.  But I’m having a hard time understanding how learning about breastfeeding will really be that useful until the baby is here and my boobs actually have a purpose…

Is a breastfeeding class while pregnant actually useful, or is it just one more thing for me to stress out about until the baby arrives?

I have to imagine that with all the recommendations, there is a reason to get this information ahead of time.  I just wish I knew what that reason was!  I have read a lot about breastfeeding and all the different things I will need once the babies arrives – nursing bras, nipple creams, breast pads, etc.  But again, I can’t really imagine buying these things now before I understand what I will need and what my baby prefers.  I guess it’s just one of the many unknowns of pregnancy and childbirth.

Did you take a breastfeeding class before your baby arrived?  Was it useful?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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