Do My Dogs Know I'm Pregnant?

I wonder if they can sense all the changes happening in our house.

It’s funny to think about what types of things my dogs think about and feel during each day.  I have a feeling most of the time it’s not too much.

Most days are a continuing cycle of eating, sleeping, pooping, and exercise.  Beyond that, I wonder how much of what goes on in our house they actually notice.

Friends have asked if the dogs have noticed my growing belly, or become more respectful of my space as if maybe they could sense that something is different.  Unfortunately, they still try to plop down on top of me like they always have, and as far as I can tell they don’t seem to see me any differently.

In my first trimester when I was horrifically sick, I was convinced that something was wrong with them because they suddenly smelled so bad.  My husband tried to assure me that nothing had changed and they didn’t smell any better or worse than usual, but I was absolutely certain that they were both rancid and needed to be kept away from me.

The poor pups didn’t understand why mommy suddenly didn’t want to curl up with them, and seemed hurt when I would chase them out of the room when they tried to get close.  It was tough love, but it was also everything I could do to keep my saltines down.  I am glad those days have passed and we can all snuggle up together again, even if it does mean constantly re-positioning them off of my belly.

They both seem a little anxious inside the nursery, but that might just be because it’s still very much under construction right now.  I’m hoping we can get it settled and finished in time that they can adequately explore the space and make it familiar before it’s new inhabitor arrives.

Am I nervous about how they will react to the baby?  Not really.  They both tend to do well with children, although admittedly they have not been around a newborn.  I think there will be a lot of sniffing and licking, and running to hide under the bed when the baby lungs start wailing.  But my hope is that my three boys will become instant friends and companions.

After all – eating, sleeping, and pooping is how babies spend the day too, right?  Seems like they have a lot in common already…

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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