Do You Give Sibling Gifts When Baby Arrives?

Being the oldest of four girls, I remember when my youngest sister was born. It was the late 1980’s, and Cabbage Patch Kid dolls were all the rage. When my Aunt took us (my other 2 sisters and I) to visit my mom in the hospital, we all were given a gift. You guessed it, we unwrapped Cabbage Patch dolls!

I remember being so excited not only to have a new sister, but also to be given such a special gift, a new doll! My mom had her baby, my youngest sister, and I had my doll.

Fast forward about 24 years later, and now, just like my mom, I’m due with my fourth child.

I’m starting to think it might be fun to give my girls (ages seven and four) something special when they arrive at the hospital to meet their brother for the first time, just like my mom did for me.

I’ve already gotten them a sibling shirt, so they can pridefully wear it to school on the day I give birth. And we’ve read a ton of sibling books, preparing for this big change in the family. But I’m thinking a little gift to open at the hospital might be fun as well.

A few items I’m considering:

  • Newborn Baby Doctor Barbie 1 of 5
    Newborn Baby Doctor Barbie
    My girls are complete Barbie fans. This barbie that comes with two little babies would be a big hit.
    Click here to view on Amazon
  • Baby Doll Sling 2 of 5
    Baby Doll Sling
    I do a lot of babywearing, and this little sling might be a fun way for them to carry around their baby dolls!
    Baby Doll Sling created by Lovey Duds
  • Personalized Tote (filled with goodies) 3 of 5
    Personalized Tote (filled with goodies)
    A tote like this might be fun to fill with crayons, coloring books, stickers, ect.
    Tote created by Stichin' Netka
  • Crayon Apron 4 of 5
    Crayon Apron
    Once I bring home baby, I'm gong to need the girls to keep busy on their own. A fun crayon apron might encourage some self direct craft time.
    Crayon Apron created by Bobaloo Kids
  • Big Sister Necklace 5 of 5
    Big Sister Necklace
    My girls don't have too much jewelry, but this might be the perfect special little gift to get.
    Necklace created by Laurali Designs

I’m completely on the fence about what to do. On one hand, it’s a fun idea. On the other, something tells me becoming a big sibling should be gift enough.

What do you think? Are you planning on giving your children a gift when the new baby arrives?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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