Do You Have a Baby Name Picked Out or Will You Wait Until Baby Is Born?

Do You Have a Baby Name Picked Out or Will You Wait Until Baby Is Born?For me, coming up with a name that my kid would have forever was not a hard decision. Each of my kids have a name that has some meaning to us — both their first name and their middle names. Once my husband and I agreed on a name it seemed to stick and that was that.

I found out the gender of my older two kids early and once we knew boy or girl, we gave them their name and shared it with everyone. For our youngest, since my husband didn’t know the gender before her birth we had a boy name and a girl name picked out — just one for each gender.

If we are lucky to get pregnant again (keep your fingers crossed for us) we will both not be finding out the gender (there’s a story on why I knew last time but husband didn’t, I’ll share with you later), but I still think that we will only have one boy name and one girl name. We’re still debating the choices right now though I am not yet pregnant, but I know once we hit that name we both agree on, we will be set maybe even before being pregnant.

There are some people who have a different method for giving their child the name that will be with them forever though. Some couples like to choose a small list of 3 or 4 names and wait until their child is born to choose. From what I understand this is to get to know the babe better to choose a name that ‘fits their personality’, but I want to know what you all did (or will do)!

Did you decide your baby’s name before they were born or will you wait?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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