Do You Know Where And When You Conceived?

Do you know when this happened?

We give a lot of lip service to our birth stories, but what about when and where we conceived?

Yeah, I know we aren’t necessarily going to regale our children with tales of drunken parties after which we fell into bed with dad for a passionate sex session but it’s definitely a good story for our mom pals, no?

With both my children, I can’t narrow down the specific incident that resulted in pregnancy, I only know it was one of a couple nights of trying. Yeah, no fun story here. I was trying to have both kids so the sex was pretty routine, unfortunately.  There’s just something about trying to have children that kind of sucks the sexy out of sex.

But what about you? Was it the night you had pizza and wine before hopping into bed? Or was it the time you were on vacation and stayed in a cheesy motel because you had a long drive ahead and it had started snowing? I mean, you had to do something to pass the time, right?

Fess up! Do you have absolutely no idea where and when your baby was conceived? Or are you like me and can narrow it down to a few possibilities but can’t really be sure? Or do you know exactly when and where your little one’s existence was set in motion? Tell the story in the comments below!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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