Doctor Wants to Keep Baby's Gender a Secret to Prevent Abortion

Finding out the gender of the child I am carrying is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy. With my first child, we had to wait until 20 weeks to find out the gender. I was lucky with this pregnancy that we found out at 15 weeks.

I’ve never been the type of person that could patiently wait on something as big as the gender reveal.  I respect the people that want to keep it a secret until the delivery, but I personally could never wait that long. I love buying all of the little girl clothes and making sure her room is perfect for when we bring her home from the hospital.

Even having to wait the 15 weeks had me going stir crazy. I was the insane pregnant woman that was trying all of the gender prediction tests and chinese gender prediction charts (the majority were incorrect) to try to figure out what I was having. So when that big ultrasound came, I was super excited to find out what I was having.

If you were just as excited as I was to find out the gender of your baby, how would you react if you had to wait until 30 weeks to find out?

Dr. Rajendra Kale, interim editor-in-chief of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, suggests that all women should have to wait until 30 weeks to find out the sex of the baby. He thinks that by waiting, doctors could prevent women from terminating the pregnancy due to gender discrimination.

According to Kale, there are some Asian immigrants in both Canada and the United States that will choose to abort the fetus based on the sex. By waiting until 30 weeks, these people will no longer have the option to terminate the pregnancy, thus a beginning to the elimination of sex discrimination.

My husband and I didn’t care what we were having with either pregnancy. We honestly knew that we would be happy with just a healthy baby; boy or girl. While I do agree that terminating a pregnancy based on the gender is unethical, I find waiting until 30 weeks a bit extreme. Gender discriminated abortions only account for a small percentage in both the United States and Canada, so there is no reason for all women to have to wait twice as long to find out the sex.

I think it is our right, as women, to find out any and all medical information in regards to ourselves as well as the child we are carrying. A doctor withholding that information from us could also be considered unethical.

What do you think about this doctor’s recommendation?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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