Does Baby Name Origin Mean as Much to You As the Meaning?

iStock_000009030398XSmallI have said it many times before, but I like unique names. I wince when I hear of someone having the same name as my kids even though they’re not on any “top name” list.

I have a unique name and growing up, I never had to wonder which “Devan” they were talking about in school (it was always me). I also think that my unique name has made it easier for people to remember me.

My husband has a common name and in his own class, there was nearly always another with the same name. There was a handful in the school and he even had someone with the same last name, making some things a bit confusing.

I don’t share my kids real names online, but my second child (who we call Raru online) has a really unique name and we love it so much. It’s nothing to out there, but it’s pretty and memorable and totally suits her. While the origin is unknown on any database I can find, it has an Indian feel to it.

My husband and I are brainstorming names for the next child that we’re hoping to have and in keeping with our unique names, we seem to prefer the more international names since they’re far less common where we live. We have a Japanese girl name chosen and a¬†Sanskrit girl name on the top of our list and the meanings fit what we’re looking for as well as the unique factor.

When it comes to baby names, I know that so many take the time to look up the meaning of the name to make sure it fits. There are some names that have a gorgeous meaning behind them and it can really help when you’re narrowing down a name choice for your baby-to-be.

When it comes to choosing, do you take the origin into consideration heavily as well?  Does it matter as much as the meaning?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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