Does Being Pregnant Make Complaining About Weight Gain Tacky?

Git mama her donut holes and Cheetos! My stories are on TV!

I’ve been pretty vocal about my weight gain this time around. I gained about fifty pounds with Violet and I’ve gained around fifty-five pounds this time. Not a huge difference, weight-wise, but where the weight is distributed on my body is completely different.

With Violet I was pretty much all stomach and boobs. Now I’m all bum and thighs.  And chins.


My arms are fat, my back is fat. My boobs have ballooned from a 34D to a 40DD. Yes, really. And I’m 5’3″.

As the weight gain makes it hard to move, I tend to complain about this on my personal blog. Yesterday I wrote a post wherein I posted a very unflattering photo of myself – similar to the one you see right up there – in an attempt to poke fun, but also to show just how much weight I’ve really gained.

Here’s the thing. People don’t like it when pregnant women complain about weight gain. They just don’t.

“I have gained SO much weight.” You tell them.
“You’re pregnant.” They say. As if this takes care of everything with a nice tidy swipe of the hands.

Yes, I KNOW I’m pregnant. But it still doesn’t make my thighs rubbing together from crotch to knee any more pleasant. It still doesn’t mean the weight will just magically drop off the minute this kid is born. Yes, I know I’m creating life over here and that it’s beautiful and amazing and totally worth it… But it’s still really freaking weird to gain nearly sixty pounds in, like, seven months.

I think it’s strange that I get a lot of grief from people (in person and online) when I talk about how startled and bothered I am about my weight gain this time around. You have body issues, they say. Would they be more sympathetic if I’d gained all the weight by overeating? Or they look at this picture of me I posted (as a joke) and say “you are beautiful!” Would they still think I’m beautiful if they were shown this exact photo of me but told I wasn’t pregnant? Would you?

Does being pregnant make complaining about weight gain tacky?  If you complain about pregnancy weight gain do you have body issues?  Are you more sympathetic to the woman who gained a lot of weight by overeating?  These are the things I’m wondering today…

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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