This Couple’s Gender Reveal Video Stars the Family Dog, and It’s as Cute as You’d Imagine

The Internet has sure seen its fair share of unique gender reveals. We’ve seen moms get their hair dyed pink or blue. We’ve seen dads hit golf balls that explode into colorful powders. Still, I’m not sure any hold a candle to letting your dog eat a gender reveal cake to spill the baby news. Because OMG, how cute is that?!

Kalah Nakic, of Ontario, Canada, says she was recently searching for gender reveal ideas when she came upon a Pinterest photo of two little white dogs eating a cake. Looking back, she says she’s not actually sure if it was tied to a gender reveal or not, but the image was cute enough to convince her that her two beloved dogs, Kobe and Mya, just had to be a part of her own reveal.

“We include our fur babies in everything!” Kalah tells Babble. “I’m pretty much obsessed with my animals — they’re my family!”

Kalah says her husband Lance was quick to hop on board with the idea (because duh, it’s adorable). Yet, sadly before the big day arrived, the Nakics lost Mya, their 14-year-old lab.

Though they were heartbroken, the couple decided to continue on with the gender reveal. So on September 30, the Nakics gathered in their backyard along with a group of friends and family, and presented Kobe with a delicious (dog-friendly) cake — which he happily devoured.

Considering what it was made of, that was no surprise! The cake, which was made by a local baker named Angie Boisvenue, was stuffed with bacon bits and “frosted” with mashed potatoes.

“In the video, you can see Kobe wearing his blue bandana along with Mya’s [pink bandana],” Kalah explains. “I wanted him to wear it in tribute to her. We also received her ashes the day before the party so we were thrilled she would be home for the party.”

(Are you crying yet? Because I sure am.)

Kobe, who turns 8 this November, is actually used to being the center of over-the-top celebrations.

“We always celebrate his birthdays with a party as well,” says Kalah. “[We have] balloons, a cupcake or a treat, and always sing to him. By now he is used to it and even wears his party hat!”

Honestly, it sounds like Kobe is living the dream — and according to his mom, he’s quite a character.

“He’s glued to my hip,” says Kalah. “Anywhere I go, he goes! He’s very cuddly and he is the most compassionate dog I’ve ever had. If I’m sad and crying, he comes and licks my tears away, and hates when my hands are covering my face. He always knows how to cheer me up!”

In short: Kobe is pretty much the best.

Kalah says she and her husband were ecstatic to learn they were having a girl, especially since their fertility journey hasn’t been an easy one.

“Deep down, we honestly just wanted a healthy baby,” she says. “It took us three years to finally get pregnant. We went from doctor to doctor. We did three IUI’s and they all failed. Our turn finally came up after being on the year[-long] waiting list for IVF. And we couldn’t be more happy that it finally worked!”

This will be the couple’s first baby — whom Kalah is already calling her “miracle baby” — and the first little girl in the family.

Something tells me she’ll be welcomed with open arms (or, paws) by her big brother Kobe, when she arrives in February. What a sweet moment that will be!

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