With One Text, Couple’s “How to Be a Big Brother” Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral

Image source: Kaitlyn Serna
Image source: Kaitlyn Serna

We love a good pregnancy reveal just as much as we love cute dog photos, which is why this couple’s dog pregnancy announcement easily stole our hearts.

Harley Serna and John Rocha are high-school sweethearts who have been dating for 7 years. They are also the proud dog parents of an adorable pup named Kasper. Serna told Buzzfeed that Kasper is her best friend and loves the camera so much that he “will stay in poses for as long as I need him to” in order to get the best photos. So, who better to help tell the world that she is pregnant than Kasper!?

Serna set the soon-to-be big dog brother up with some super trendy glasses, a makeshift book that says “How to Be a Big Brother,” and her first sonogram. Then, she sent the image out to her family and friends and awaited their responses.

Naturally, they were SUPER excited.

Image source: Kaitlyn Serna
Image source: Kaitlyn Serna

Her cousin, Kaitlyn, shared the funny photo and text exchange on Twitter, where it soon gained a lot of interest. The tweet has since received 2.7k retweets and 5k likes.

As for Kasper’s future role in the baby’s life? Serna says, “I think he’s going to be a good big brother,” noting that he wakes up right by her belly each morning. Now is that sweet or what?

h/t: Buzzfeed

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