Don’t Blush, It’s just a Topless Tee.

Sometimes you find that very perfect product that leaves you thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”. Yeah, I’ve found one of those things.

It’s a tee shirt, but without the top. Yep, a topless tee.

Why do you want this? Because this simple little invention will literally extend your wardrobe both during pregnancy and postpartum.

Maternity: When all your non-pregnancy tees and tanks start creeping up your bulging belly? Shimmy into a Blush undershirt, adjust it to the desired length, and suddenly you have inches below your midriff to spare! Or more appropriately, you’re properly covering up what used to be hidden.

It’s like the perfect long teeshirt, without any of the layering bulk

Postpartum: More commonly referred to as the “nothing in my whole frackin’ closet fits and I’m just going to sit here and cry about it” phase. Yes, again, Blush shirt extenders will save you. Again, the will give you added length and modesty as you slowly shrink back to your pre pregnancy size.

Plan on breastfeeding? This little invention will be your bff who lives in the closet. It will allow you to pull up your shirt without showing off any of your belly. And you won’t have to deal with all the snaps and buttons traditional breastfeeding shirts come with. Brilliant!

Have I sold you on this yet? Seriously, I LIVED in my Blush undershirts during my 3rd pregnancy, and I’m getting ready to purchase more for my Fall wardrobe.

Blush undershirts can be purchase separately for $15.99 or in 3 packs at a discounted price. Just do it, splurge on the 3 pack.

*this was not a sponsored post, the people at Blush have no idea who I am. This is me just being bossy, telling you what to do.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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